So you've been daydreaming about hitting the open road in your brand new RV for months now. You've attended a couple RV shows, diligently studied specs and floorplans, and watched dozens of hours of YouTube videos about RVs. You've picked out your RV and you're ready to purchase. All that's left is to figure out what insurance coverage you need for your new home-on-wheels.

GoLife sat down with an expert from a nationally leading RV insurance agency to answer a few frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about specialized RV insurance. With over 10 years of experience in RV insurance sales, Monica Solberg, the RV/Personal Lines Manager at FCIS Insurance can answer your questions when it comes to RV insurance and here's five of the ones we were curious about:

#1: Can't I just insure my RV with my auto insurance?

Auto insurance will not fully cover you in the event of a claim, motorhomes require specific coverage that auto insurers can not provide.

#2: What are the benefits of RV insurance?

Owners need specific coverages for their motorhomes like, total loss replacement and agreed value coverage. In the case of a total loss, these plans will either replace the RV with a new one in the first five model years or will pay the purchase price or rating base of the RV. Insurance protects your investment so deprecation will not be an issue, unlike an auto policy. Specialized insurance can also offer personal effects coverage. So in the event of a claim, your personal items that are used in conjunction with an RV are also covered.

#3 I want to full-time in my new motorhome, is there special RV insurance for that?

Yes. Full-timers liability is a personal liability coverage to owners that do not own a home and reside primarily in the RV. It is required for RVers who reside in their coach for more than 150 days. Auto policies typically do not provide this important coverage.

#4 Is my tow vehicle covered on my motorhome policy?

A towed vehicle is covered for liability only while being towed. No physical damage coverage extends from a motorhome policy, it will need to come from the auto policy of your towed vehicle.

#5 I want to travel to Mexico, am I covered?

It is Mexican law that RVers carry proof of liability from a Mexican-based insurance company. Some insurance companies will extend their comprehensive and collision risks within a certain distance of the border, but that does not satisfy Mexican requirements. If you are involved in an accident while in Mexico and fail to show proof of liability, you can be detained and your vehicle will be impounded.

At FCIS, Mexican physical damage coverage is available to be added to your policy if an owner has the Mexican Liability Insurance before entering Mexico and remains in force the entire duration of your time in Mexico.

Choosing to purchase and RV can be one of the most satisfying decisions a person can make. The freedom and sense of adventure that come with the RV lifestyle are unparalleled. We understand and embrace this lifestyle and understand the specialized needs that RVers have - which is why we've launched Winnebago RV Insurance. We've made sure it's not only a good value, but backed by the leader in RV insurance for over 35 years, Winnebago RV insurance can provide you all of the coverage and services you need to feel at home while on the road. To get a free no obligation quote click here and get on the road!



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