You've got Stef here, hi all!

I only have to make a mistake once. (Well, okay, twice if you count how many times I've bonked my head on the bike rack on our Travato.)

James getting bike from the back of their Winnebago Travato parked among trees.

Though James has hit his head three times. Apparently, I'm a quicker learner.

Take our last big trip. In July, we excitedly hit the road with our bikes locked and loaded from our home state of Utah for 3 weeks of Midwestern adventures. The plan was GNR, the Lake Superior Adventure, and tons & tons of biking all along the way.

A few hours into the drive, James decided THEN to start quizzing me about our packing.

Him: Did you remember the GoSun stove?

Me: Check!

Him: What about the yoga mats?

Me: Check! Check! I brought two!

Him: And you have all your bike stuff?

Me: Check! I brought my bike bag with everything, and you said you'd pack our mountain bike shoes right?


...(more silence)...

Me: Uh, James?

Him: Well, I'm trying to think of a way to not get in trouble here, but I can't.

As regimented and organized as James is, he still managed to forget our mountain biking shoes. To non-cyclists it probably doesn't SOUND like a big deal, a silly pair of shoes. But we can't ride our mountain bikes without them! They have special clips on the bottoms that go with our special pedals. And the main reason we RV is for biking adventures! We needed those shoes. In the end, after buying new ones at a bike shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, it turned out to be a $200 mistake.

Stef riding bike along a dirt trail with hills in the background.

But aren't my new shoes pretty?

Fast forward to present day. James and I are packing up for another big trip! We're heading up to Vancouver and then down the Pacific Coast and eventually ending up at the Pomona RV Show. But THIS time no one will be forgetting any mountain biking shoes OR anything else, no sirree. You know why? Because I got smart! I've finally, FINALLY made packing lists.

James being James has always suggested the idea of packing lists, but me being me, well I tend to like to fly by the seat of my pants.

Alright fine, I'll call it what it really is. I'm a bit lazy.

So, perhaps the bike shoes mistake was one of those blessings in disguise. Or maybe it was all part of some master scheme of James' to get me to create some lists. Whatever it was, there are now lists. And I have to admit, they've actually been a huge help in prepping for this trip. SO much so, I wanted to share them with y'all. How have I been packing without them all these years?

To keep it manageable, I've created 3 different lists: 1) the galley, 2) the bed/bath things, and then 3) the BEST list of all: RV Living. I had to turn to James to create the "Prepping the RV" and "RV Maintenance" lists, and you can find those over on his article HERE. I don't really have much to do with that stuff. The INSIDE is my domain.

SO! The lists are below and if you want to print out PDF copy click here. Give them a try when you're heading out on your next RV trip. They've definitely saved me a ton of time and brainpower. Lazy Stef likes the sound of that!

Packing List for RV Galley

  • Drink ware: cups, mugs, wine glasses, beverage koozies
  • Plates and bowls
  • Eating utensils
  • Knives: food prep and steak
  • Cooking utensils: spatula, large spoons, tongs, whisk, etc
  • Mixing bowls
  • Cooking pots/pans
  • Measuring cups/spoons
  • Bottle, can, and wine openers
  • Cutting board
  • Tea kettle
  • Grill
  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Toaster
  • Scissors
  • Egg cooker
  • Colander
  • Food storage: Tupperware, baggies, aluminum foil., etc.
  • Napkins and paper towels
  • Dish soap & cleaning products
  • Sponges, rags, towels, potholder
  • Trash bags
  • Ice cube trays
  • Bag clips
  • Lighter/matches
  • Campfire fork

Packing List for RV Bed and Bath Necessities

  • Bedding and pillows
  • Soap: hand, shower
  • Washcloths and/or shower puffs
  • Towels: bath, hand, and beach
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Shower-house bag
  • Shower-house flip-flops
  • Toilet paper
  • Facial tissue
  • Toiletry kit: lip balm, deodorant, nail clippers, files, tweezers, razor, etc.
  • Skin care: lotion, powder, night cream, etc.
  • Hair Necessities: brush, comb, hair ties, etc.
  • Pharmacy: anti-inflammatories, antacids, prescriptions, allergy, etc.
  • Sleep aids: Earplugs, eye-mask, mini-fan, lavender essential oil, etc.
  • Laundry: detergent, wash bag, roll of quarters
  • Blow dryer

Packing List for RV Living and Recreation Supplies

  • Portable Lights: Flashlight, Headlamps, Lantern
  • Paper maps and/or road atlas
  • Fitness equipment: resistance bands, yoga mat, etc.
  • Headphones
  • Sunscreen
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Water bottles and/or backpack hydration system
  • Sport Specific shoes: water, running, hiking, cycling
  • Rain gear: jackets, umbrella, etc.
  • Water gear: swimsuits, wetsuits, dry bag, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats and visors
  • First Aid Kits (one large for RV and one portable for day hikes)
  • Insect repellant
  • Backpack(s)
  • Cameras & camera gear: (tripod, backup batteries, etc)
  • Binoculars
  • Camp chairs & portable table
  • Picnic/beach blanket
  • Outdoor rug
  • Office supplies: pens, paper, clips, permanent marker, tape, scissors, etc.
  • Device chargers & devices (computer, tablets, phones, etc.)
  • Media: books, audiobooks, magazines, movies
  • Inside fun: Cards, games, crosswords, puzzles
  • Outside fun: lawn games, Frisbee, etc.
  • Bike stuff: bikes, locks, helmets, kits, bike computers, HR monitors, toolkit, etc.


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