With all of the workout equipment options on the market today, setting up your mobile RV gym can seem a bit daunting. But with a little planning and organizational skills, you can have your mobile RV gym set up in no time.

What Gym Equipment Do You Need?

The size of your RV, how much storage space and how much extra weight your RV can carry will determine what you can bring along.

Women pulls gym equipment from exterior compartment storage of her RV

For van life, such as the new Winnebago Boldt, the smaller the equipment the less room it will take up. Items such as a resistance band, jump rope, yoga mat, and a TRX trainer are a perfect fit.

If midsize travel is more your speed, like the Winnebago Class C View or the Voyage Travel Trailer, then adding a few dumbbells and kettlebells to your arsenal will be a breeze.

We are fortunate enough to live and travel full time in our Winnebago Forza 34T Class A diesel pusher. The plentiful storage and load capacity in our RV allows us to carry not only all of the items listed above, but also a 15-pound barbell, 75 pounds of plates, and a 10-pound weight vest!

Woman uses exterior components of RV for exercising

We also used to carry a rowing machine in our basement! But, unfortunately, we only used it a handful of times in over a year of traveling with it, so we decided to part ways with it. And without it our weights became even more accessible. A reminder to be sure you only bring what you need!

Speaking of weights, adding heavy equipment will affect the load of your RV. It is important to have your RV weighed to insure it's under the gross combined weight rated (GWCR). And for drivable RVs, be sure to have all four corners individually weighed to ensure an even distribution. Side to side balance and proper tire loading is important for the safety of your RV.

Organization is Key for a Mobile Gym

Keeping your equipment organized in one central location is key to a successful gym. You'll find it easier to access and more likely to use! Storing smaller items in plastic storage boxes is a great way to keep items from rolling around whether stored in the basement or cabinet. We store our equipment in our 28-cubic-feet storage bay, since it's easy to access for doing workouts outside.

Organized workout equipment in exterior storage bay

Use It!

The types of workouts we do vary depending on factors such as the weather and how much time we have to complete it. To get a quick workout in, we will just use our dumbbells, kettlebells, and jump ropes. For a more intense strength workout, we will pull out the barbell and plates. Barbell overhead presses, back/front squats, overhead squats, snatches, and floor presses are just a few of the barbell movements we do. And they typically get the most stares from other RVers walking by!

However, we know how challenging it can be to work out on the road. Heck, we even created the Facebook Group "RVFit Friends" to not only help motivate other RVers, but ourselves as well.

Woman uses RV for band resistant training in her "mobile RV gym"

With your equipment well organized and readily accessible as well as some friends to keep you accountable, you'll find it easier to get out there and get that workout done. You'll also feel great once you do!


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