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When it comes to RVing space can be challenging. That's why Sabrina and I really appreciate when there are items that take up less space without losing function. That's what we love about our "Sea to Summit" kitchen gear. These include collapsible items such as plates, cups, bowls, pots and more. This saves a great deal of space when the items are not in use.

Examples of collapsible bowls, cups, plates and pots

Putting Sea to Summit to the RVer Test

We purchased our kitchenware before we moved into the RV and they have taken a lot of abuse in that time, yet some of the items still look as if they are brand new. Everything is made out of food-grade silicone with a nylon base, with the exception of our X-Pot which is silicon with a hard anodized aluminum bottom for use on the stove top.

We own a set of cups, plates, bowls and a single pot. We love that they not only save space, but are light weight, durable and quiet when stacked on top of each other in the cabinets while we travel.

The plates can double as cutting boards and since the edges fold up, they are great at keeping food on my plate and not on the floor. The cups and bowls have measurement markers inside them, so you can use them as measuring cups, although the markers are not as visible as I would like them to be.

Example of collapsible accessories stacked together

Our One Change

We love everything about our kitchenware except for the lid that came with the X-Pot, I liked that it had holes in it to be used as a strainer, but it was plastic and did not take long for me to break it. Sea to Summit did send me another one free of charge, but I broke that one just as easily. I decided to replace the lid with one that I found online that is made of glass, but still had the holes for straining. However, we have owned this set for two years now, so maybe by now the lid is hopefully designed a bit different and able to stand up to more abuse.

How to Get Your Own Set

Due to their space saving and light weight design the Sea to Summit kitchen gear appears to be marketed more towards backpackers and hikers, but we feel they are perfectly suited for RVers for the same reasons. You can find these kitchen items on the Sea to Summit website, Amazon, and outdoor stores like REI. They have sets as well as individual pieces available.


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