The Scrubba wash bag is an interesting take on a dry bag for doing laundry. It looks like a dry bag on the outside, but the interesting parts are on the inside. There are lots of little silicone knobs in the bag that perform the same function as a traditional washboard. In addition to that, there is a silicone gripper on the outside of the bag to keep it stationary while you do your laundry.

To use the Scrubba, you simply add your clothes, some water, some soap, squeeze out the air, and rub the bag. And I feel like I need to say something about rubbing the bag here. Once you let the extra air out of the bag, rubbing your clothes around becomes this giant stress-relief-ball type experience. It's hard to explain, but it's very soothing and therapeutic massaging the clothes around in the bag. I don't think I'd have any problem keeping it up for 3 minutes.

And 3 minutes, by the way, is how long they want you to do it for. Apparently, they've had the Scrubba tested by an independent laboratory, and that 3 minutes will get you the equivalent of a machine-quality wash. I'm sure I've got 3 minutes to spare somewhere... lol.

We left with a Scrubba, and I can't wait to use it in our RV. James has already installed a retractable clothesline in Lance in anticipation of using one. You can bet that he'll be posting up some interesting (meaning: bizarre) test of the Scrubba in the near future.

You can buy one on Amazon today, but want to be clear, we aren't getting paid a thing for this video or for writing this post. We just spotted this handy product, liked it ourselves, and thought you might, too. Anything to make our RV experiences more pleasant is worth sharing, right?!?!

Learn more about The Scrubba by clicking here.


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