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Any RVer knows counter space is at a premium in your rig. So, what's an espresso lover to do? This is where the Nanopresso, a completely hand-powered espresso machine, comes in.

Jon loves espresso, especially a good Americano. But we also love to keep our counter clutter-free and, even in an RV, we like to try to keep drawers and cabinets from being stuffed to their full capacity. We've always RVed with our French Press and pour over glass coffee maker, but we thought espresso was out of the question. Then we found the Nanopresso.

About the Nanopresso

The Nanopresso is a portable, nearly pocket-sized, espresso machine. Its pumping system is powered by your own hands. According to the company Wacaco, the Nanopresso is capable of pressure greater than most regular home espresso machines. To make your perfect shot of espresso, all you need is hot water, finely ground coffee, and your Nanopresso machine. It even has a built-in cup for your espresso.

Why We Love It

At first, we prepared ourselves to expect good espresso, but we made sure not to expect home-quality espresso. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the espresso is not subpar in any way. It's great to have quality espresso in such a travel-friendly format.

Nanopresso hand-powered espresso machine and Winnebago mug

Space Saving

Our favorite Nanopresso feature is its small size. At just over six inches long and under one pound, it is definitely RV-approved in our book. For anyone in a small towable, Class B, or small Class C, this is truly a great feature.


The small size of the Nanopresso also makes it extremely portable. You could even throw it in your backpack on a hike to enjoy a nice viewpoint with your morning espresso. On travel days, your rig's size sometimes makes it difficult to quickly stop in at a coffee shop. The Nanopresso allows you to still have coffee-shop quality coffee on travel days. We wish we would've had one back when we were in a towable!

No Power Consumption

While RVing, we love to be able to use anything that doesn't draw power. We like the fact that the Nanopresso is completely powered by hand -- no generator or inverter needed.

Any Downsides?

The only drawback for us is that it only makes one shot of espresso at a time. Jon loves Americanos, which take two espresso shots to make. To make an Americano, you'd have to start the process over again to make that second shot. Wacaco, however, does sell an accessory that increases the tank capacity of the Nanopresso. The accessory, called the Barista Kit, makes it possible to make more than one espresso shot at a time.

Detail view of coffeemaker dripping coffee into Winnebago mug

Nanopresso Tips

One thing to keep in mind is that the Nanopresso doesn't heat the water. If you're looking to also heat your water without power, you can use a portable stove, or your RV's propane stove. You can also place your heated water in a thermos and pack your thermos along with the Nanopresso to go.

You'll also want to make sure to buy coffee with a fine grind or that says "espresso." If you grind your own coffee, be sure to have your settings on "espresso" or "finely ground."

Where Can I Find a Nanopresso?

You can buy a Nanopresso online at or on Amazon. Both sites sell the Nanopresso and accessories, like a carrying case.


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