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Sabrina and I love the RV lifestyle and part of that is being outside at campgrounds or boondocking in remote areas. But the one thing we both dislike are the bugs. We don't like them flying around us, landing on our food or in our drinks. They are not part of the great outdoor experience for us.

Our Bug-Free Escape

That's why we purchased a Clam Quick-Set Escape. It is a gazebo that folds up small enough to fit in the cargo bay of our RV. When we are ready to use it, it unpacks and sets up in less than two minutes. It's so easy to setup it only takes one of us to do so - this is kind of amazing since it is large enough to cover an entire picnic table with room to spare. It's also tall enough for us to stand straight up inside. There is no assembly required, everything is in one piece and you just simply pop out all the sides to make it a six-sided structure.

Couple enjoying a meal in their Clam Quick-set escape gazebo

Likes & Dislikes

The six sides are made from a fine woven mesh that are able to keep out even no-see-ums. But of course you can still see through the mesh and enjoy the surrounding scenery - how they do it I don't know, but it's pretty great. The roof of the gazebo has extended flaps to help wick water away from the sides while it's raining. We were surprised by how well it has kept us dry even in heavy downpours. The gazebo also has six stake-down locations inside and is incredibly stable, even in wind.

There is really only one thing we do not like about this gazebo, and that is the mesh is woven so tightly that it is able to block a cool breeze from entering the gazebo on hot days. To combat this, we plug a fan in to stay cool on days that reach into the 90s.

Quick set up gazebo in place next to Winnebago Vista in camp

How to Get Your Own

The Clam Quick-Set Escape has been a great addition to our RV gear and allows us to enjoy all the best parts of the great outdoors without the downsides. You can buy one directly from their site, or on Amazon for around $300. Local outdoor stores, like Cabela's or Scheels may also have them in stock.


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