GoGear: Best Box Ever

Every now and then we come across a product that checks all the boxes. And in the case of Meori, it literally is a box -- a folding one.

Meori collapsible, folding boxRVs and Meori were made for each other. Whether it's loading up items to pack into the rig or gathering food and items to carry out to a picnic table, the beauty of the Meori boxes is that they are substantial and, when not in use, collapse to take up very little space. This is especially important if you're RV is a compact Class C or B-van.

Detail view of Meori collapsible, folding box in use with various suppliesWhat we really liked about the Meori products we've used is their feeling of quality and design.  For instance, an inner flap folds down to hold the box open and keep it rigid.

Detail view of Meori box quality and designThe outdoor version uses a very durable waterproof nylon fabric and has grommets for attachments or anchoring and a clever snap system that allows you to use one or both of the storage sides.

Detail view of Meori box quality and designAdditionally, there are inserts for a soft-sided cooler, picnic accessories, bottle inserts, covers and carry straps and handles.
Detail view of Meori box quality and design, insert fabrics to customize user optionsMeori boxes range in price from $25 to $60 dollars. The Meori high-quality packaging gives you the first clue that these are well-engineered products. And sure enough they are designed by a German company and that shows up in both fit and finish. We've tried less expensive discount products and there simply isn't a comparison. This is truly a "you get what you pay for" -- high quality product that should give you many years of good service.

Detail view of Meori box quality and designCheck out the full line of Meori products by clicking here. You can order directly from the company or find them at The Container Store.


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