9 Smart Mods & Accessories for the Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX
See how Traveling Robert has updated his travel trailer.

By: GoLife Staff

Earlier this year, Robert Morales (also known as Traveling Robert) and his wife downsized to a Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX travel trailer to better suit their adventure plans. Of course, like any avid RVer, this meant needing to outfit the trailer with accessories and mods to personalize their space for their travel and RV life.

Watch this video to see what he added:

Here are the top mods and accessories Traveling Robert added:

  1. Dual Towel Rack Behind Bathroom Door
  2. Command Hooks, Baskets & Dispensers for Shower Storage
  3. Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Holders
  4. Storage on Wall in Living Area for Remotes
  5. Additional Push Lights Throughout
  6. Broom Holders
  7. Movable Workstation
  8. Cargo Net for Electronics Storage
  9. Projector & Fold-Down Screen

Links to each item and additional accesories are provided in the video description on YouTube.

See more from Traveling Robert about the Micro Minnie and FLX package here.


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