Life on the open road brings a feeling of exuberant excitement and endless curiosity for what lies ahead. Adventurous engagements like exploring miles from the nearest cell tower or dry camping at a local vineyard for days on end sound pretty amazing, but each require some planning and gear to make the experience live up to your dreams.

Two years of full-time travel -- including a year of mostly boondocking as we quickly moved from place to place in our Winnebago View -- has left us with a list of must-have gear upgrades. While these items are extra helpful for those who rarely "plug in," most are super useful for all RVers alike.

Watch the video above for full details on our top gear upgrades, and see below for links to each. Happy Travels!

Gear featured in this video:

Conserving Energy

1. Inflatable Solar Light -- $20

Solving Water Issues

2. Travel Berkey Water Filter -- $271

3. Water Reducing Faucet Knobs / Shower Head -- $9 / $33

Keeping Cool

4. 12 Volt Fantastic Fans (2) -- $75 each

5. Roof Vent Cover -- $20

Monitoring Pets + Security

6. Wireless WiFi IP Camera -- $75

Staying Connected

7. Verizon Jetpack Mobile Hotspot -- $70 (plus monthly plan)

Bonus: Prepare for the Unknown

8. Portable Power Pack -- $98


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