5 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your RV & Campsite
By: Ann & Lin Bishop 

As camping season gets into full swing, so do those pesky bugs. From the painful biting mosquitoes to the annoying fruit flies, keeping them and all other unwanted creatures out of your RV and camping area can be a daunting task. But armed with the proper tips, tricks, and tools your camping experience can be a bug-free one.

Here are our top five picks to keep your RV and campsite bug and critter free:

1. Keep Your RV and Campsite Clean

The first line of defense to keep the bugs and critters out of your RV and campsite is to keep both of those areas clean. Bugs and wild animals love the smell of food and will high tail it on over if they smell it at your site. Be sure to put away or dispose of all food immediately after use. Dispose of your trash in the appropriate RV park containers as soon as possible. Wipe down your countertops, including any tables outside. Wash your dishes right after you are finished eating. And don't forget to keep your kitchen sink strainer clean!

2. Use a Thermacell Patio Shield

In addition to the traditional bug sprays and creams, when the mosquitos are in full swing, additional forces are needed. Keeping those annoying mosquitos at bay is a breeze with the easy-to-use Thermacell Patio Shield. Place it outside on your picnic table and you've got a 15-foot diameter zone of protection from those summer pests.

Detail view Thermacell patio shield to protect campers from summer pests

3. Try Peppermint Oil

Peppermint drives bugs batty. While most people find these scents delightful, they repulse insects - especially spiders. Put a drop on curtains and bedding, and place cotton balls sprinkled with peppermint oil around your rig.

4. Bug Spray Around Perimeter of RV

Exterior insect killer sprayed around the perimeter of your RV is a great line of defense. Diatomaceous earth is another great insect repellant, and is actually a natural, non-toxic bug repellent alternative if pets or kids will be around the RV! Remember to reapply these products after it rains, as they'll get washed away.

Woman sprays bug spray around campsite and motorhome to repel bugs

5. Keep Your Exterior Lights Off at Night

Bugs love swarming around bright hot lights at night. With your exterior RV porch light right by your door, you are basically giving them a personal invitation to come on in if you keep your light on at night. If you need your porch light on for safety or personal reasons, try switching the bulb out for a yellow bug light. The bugs will have a harder time seeing the yellow light and might just head next door to your neighbor's bright light instead!

Now that you are armed with the right tools to help keep bugs out of your RV and campsite, get out there and enjoy!


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