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RV Warranty Basics
Tips for understanding and getting the most out of your RV warranty.
By: GoLife Staff

winnabego micro minnie flx being towed down the road

As we all know, buying an RV involves a lot of paperwork. Included somewhere in that stack of text is some especially important information regarding the details of your RV warranty. This will differ for each RV depending on brand, year, and model type. In this article, we want to help give an overview of warranty basics to help set you up for RV ownership success!

What to Know About RV Warranties

Usually, your RV will have a manufacturer’s warranty as well as warranties specific to appliances and other components. When buying your RV, be sure to ask the dealer about the warranty details available for your specific motorhome or travel trailer. The initial warranty for a new RV is usually very comprehensive, but be sure to ask if there is anything that is not included.

RVers will often create a list of the important warranty information and keep it on their desktop or somewhere easily accessible in case they need it.

Here are some of the important warranty details to pay attention to:

  • Length of warranty coverage
  • What is covered under the warranty
  • Anything that would void the warranty
  • Who to contact and where to go if an issue occurs

It is highly recommended that you make note of when your various warranties expire. The manufacturer’s warranty usually lasts for either a set amount of time or number of miles. If issues arise, be sure to call to have them noted on your account and make an appointment to have the warranty work completed. If you’ve at least reported an issue while your warranty is in effect, it should still be covered even if you aren’t able to get in for an appointment until after it’s expired – but always confirm that when calling.

While reading over your warranty coverage, it is also extremely important to pay attention to anything that would void your warranty. If an appliance or the RV is used in a way it isn’t meant to be, this could void your warranty. Sometimes certain modifications could also void your warranty, so be cautious and aware of any risk when DIYing.

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Keep in mind warranty work will need to be done at an authorized dealership. However, in order to get work done using appliance or component warranties, you may need to contact that company directly. So, it is helpful to take note of who you would need to contact if an issue does arise. If you are a Winnebago owner and aren’t sure who to contact regarding warranty work on your RV, Winnebago customer service can always help you determine who to call. 

Winnebago contact information can be found here.

Where to Find Your RV Warranty Info?

The warranty details for each RV may be different, but you can always find your RV’s warranty information in the same place: the ‘InfoCase.’ That’s the thick folder of documentation you received upon purchase. 

We know it isn’t the most fun activity, but it is really important to read your RV manual also to make sure you aren’t doing anything that could damage your rolling home. Keeping up with maintenance, following instructions for use, and making sure you don’t do anything that would void the warranty can help make RVing more enjoyable – plus, it will save you a lot of money and hassle down the road.

Find your RV manual online here.

Considerations for Extended RV Warranties

When purchasing your RV – especially if it is pre-owned, you’ll likely be offered an extended warranty. While extended warranties differ in price and options, the key to deciding if it will be worth it for you is understanding what is already included with your RV and for how long, then comparing that to the additional coverage. It may be helpful to also price out what common fixes would cost without an extended warranty.

Whether you get an extended warranty depends on your budget, personal travel style, and RV. As with anything RV-related, being informed is the first step. So, ask plenty of questions and read the details of your current warranty and the extended warranty options thoroughly.

If you are unsure or confused by anything being covered, your dealer should be able to clarify anything for you, but the RVing community is also very helpful and there are plenty of RVer forums where you can find answers to your questions.

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We hope this has helped offer some insights into better understanding your RV warranty. We also highly recommend creating a maintenance schedule based on the guidelines outlined in your RV manual!

Happy travels!


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User commented on July 8, 2022 8:27 AM
you failed to mention one of the key parts of your warranty: should you, the purchaser, choose to sell the rv, does the warranty transfer in tact, or if not, how does the transfer effect the warranty?- I am interested in purchasing a mini micro (the one 7" wide) and it is used...that is, never actually used, but bought from a dealer in Hershey....
User commented on May 12, 2023 5:08 PM
The exterior, tan wall panels on my 2019 2401RG are fading despite hours of washing, waxing and covering. The door panels, slide-out and front storage doors look like new. What is/was the warranty for these exterior walls?
User commented on May 23, 2023 2:30 PM
Thank you for your comment! For answers to your product questions, please reach out to the customer care team directly at (641) 585-6939.