WIT TOWS Hosts Rally in Middlebury, Indiana
Highlights of a towable owners meetup - including factory tour!

By: David Simmons

WIT TOWS is a GoLife Community group for owners of Winnebago and SunnyBrook towable RVs. In late July 2023, WIT TOWS hosted their annual rally in Middlebury, IN, with 20 attendees in 11 campers of various styles and ages. This recap by an attendee shares highlights of this event. Learn more about the group here.

One of the most exciting times of a rally for me is when I am the first to arrive, the camper is prepared, and rally signs and flags are put out. At the Middlebury Rally, my wife and I along with our two Jack Russell terriers, awaited the arrival of friends we were just camping with at Camp Winnebago (formerly GNR) and anticipated the arrival of new friends who were coming also.

The group arrived on a Monday at Eby's Pine Campground. The Winnebago Towables team and host Noelle Flora, Towables Marketing Lead, catered a wonderful BBQ meal for us. One of the things I like best about dealing with the Winnebago Towables team is that they genuinely seem pleased to meet us. They always arrive early and stay late, offering conversation, answering questions, and just enjoying themselves.

After the meal, Noelle briefed us on what was going to happen during our outing on Tuesday. They provided us some wonderful gifts, some to be used at an event on Wednesday. Introductions and conversation followed and then we returned to our campers. Of course, many different groups met around various campers to share road stories, maintenance hacks, and modifications.

On Tuesday, we are greeted with a quick catered breakfast and a bus to take us to the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart, IN. It is filled with so many early types of Campers and RVs. Lindbergh's and Mae West's campers were there. There is so much to see that in one morning you have to move along pretty rapidly, and they are expanding all the time. I recommend a visit whenever you are passing through. The museum is also a Harvest Hosts location.

After the museum, the bus returned us to the campground. Many of us are traveling with pets and were concerned about how to care for them during the long day. Noelle and the Winnebago team were so flexible with the bus and schedule that we were able to feed and walk the pets before being taken to the State & Main restaurant. This was sponsored by BAL, manufactures of all the frames used by Winnebago Towables. The meal provided was absolutely delicious and we got to speak with representatives of BAL and with our friends from Winnebago.

We were then transported to Winnebago's towables manufacturing facility. We had a most complete tour from parts to finished product. We got a chance to ask questions of our tour guide, Grant, and others from Winnebago management. We got to look closely at how our campers were manufactured, where things were located under the floor and in the walls. It was eye opening for those of us working to maintain our mobile homes. Everyone that participated was impressed with the quality control and care that goes into each part of the process.

After the tour, we were transported back to the campground and we all took the opportunity to check out the local areas and grab a meal at many of the wonderful restaurants in the area. Many took the opportunity of check out Shipshewana and many of the sites and shops offered there.

Wednesday started with a light breakfast then a “lecture” on Dexter brakes and suspension. Boy oh boy, we learned a lot about maintaining and troubleshooting a most important part of the camper. 

Later, we participated in building boxes of reading materials for local children. It was fun and I am sure many children benefited from our participating with a community organization. It is a good feeling to give back and it was a nice event to cap off the rally. 

That evening the group of campers got together at one of the local restaurants and had our own farewell dinner. It was a great evening with lots of friendly chat. Some of us had been together since the 13th of July at the Camp Winnebago pre-rally in Forest City, IA. We developed good solid friendships during this time and learned so much from each other about camping, travel and just having a good time.

Fire rings were started that last night and we enjoyed s’mores together. This ended what the group considered a fantastic event. Noelle and Winnebago Management outdid themselves!

How to Join WIT TOWS

Our next rally near Middlebury will be at the Shipshewana Campground North, July 22- 24, 2024. We are planning on having at least 20 campers, more vendor lectures, local tours, and of course food and conversation.

Learn more about WIT TOWS and upcoming events on their Facebook page. For a full list of Winnebago GoLife Community events, see the 2024 Calendar.


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