TN: West Tennessee Travelers

Joe Wheeler State Park

Rogersville, Alabama

June 19-23, 2022

Grassy field next to a body of water.

 To all members and friends:

This was the third campout scheduled for WTT and the first that we could attend. The first campout was scheduled for Long Branch COE, but was cancelled due to lack of attendees. The May campout was changed to Reelfoot Lake SP, as only 2 coaches planned to attend. Because of medical reasons, Diana & I could not attend that campout.

Joe Wheeler State Park turned out to be an interesting campout with the weather and attractions in the area. Attending were: Greg & Karen Shipman and Mike & Diana Logan.

When the campout schedule was made up in January, hot weather was not considered a factor. Boy, were we roasted? The first 2 days were not bad, temps in the mid 90’s but cool in the early morning and late evening. But the next few days saw temps close to 100*F and reduced the time we got to visit. During the campout, we saw deer, racoon, fireflies, and other animals.

On Tuesday evening we gather for a meal of ribs, thanks to Greg’s BBQing, baked beans and salad. During the meal, we had an unexpected guest that kept bothering Karen while she was trying to eat. Later the guest landed on my hand, must have had BBQ sauce on my hand, and stayed for about 5 minutes and left.

Wednesday morning, we drove to Florence, AL to see the Indian Mound Museum and climb the stairs to the top of the mound.  The mound is 43 feet high, and flat on top. The mound is right off the TN river and was built using basket to haul the dirt to make the mound. If you get a chance to visit the museum, it is worth you time to see early history of the area.       

Wednesday evening, we traveled to a local restaurant for our meal and enjoyed the local atmosphere. As it was very hot and humid that evening, we retreated to our abodes to relax and prepare to leave for home Thursday morning.

Grand National Rally, in Forrest City, IA is the next scheduled outing and no campout has been scheduled for hot weather in August. September 18-22, 2022 has been planned for Piney Grove COE, Booneville, MS and October 20-23, 2022 is the Louisiana State Rally in Rayne, LA.

Michael Logan

Current President, WTT 



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