TN: West Tennessee Travelers

West Tennessee Travelers held their Christmas luncheon and meeting at Mousta’s Pasta & Grill in Paris, Tn. Thirteen people attended and enjoyed the delicious Italian cuisine. After all had their fill and politely declined desserts, we held a brief ceremony to honor Larry Bolding with a certificate of Honorary Membership in the West Tennessee Travelers and WIT. We owe many thanks to Larry for his efforts in organizing WTT and the many years of leadership and advice.

Afterwards, we all retired to the lobby for a picture for posterity. Thanks to our waitress for her assistance in taking the picture. Our 2020 camping season starts with our campout at Long Branch COE April 20-22, followed by the Vol State meeting at Lebanon on April 23-25. For those of you who haven’t joined VSW yet I encourage you to join. For information, call or email me as I am also the secretary of VSW. The dues are the same as our WTT dues ($10) annually. Have a great holiday period and I hope to see all in April.

Ken Dixon, Sec.


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