PA: Capitol Area Winnies

Well, only one more month remaining before we meet for our initial 2020 kickoff gathering at Hoss’s. I keep a finger on the pulse of the PA weather and I’ve been pleased to see that it’s been a very mild winter…so far. Knowing how March weather can occasionally be an untamed lion, I’ll continue to wish for moderation. That said, I know plenty of folks at home that very much enjoy the pleasures of regular sparkling clean snowfalls, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, pond skating and all the other pleasures that Pennsylvania winters can provide. And for those folks I say better luck next year.

I must admit that our time in Florida is rapidly fading and it seems to have gone by so fast! We’ve been engaged in many activities here which has made the time fly by so swiftly. Today, we drove south to Tampa where we met Jan and Marcel for lunch at an Olive Garden. It was great catching up with them again, and we especially enjoyed chatting about their experience as “tailgunners” for WIT Tours. As expected, they’re very much enjoying their time in the Sarasota area. Diana, Spike and I are planning to head to Georgia for two weeks at an RV Park near Jekyll Island on the 1st of March at which time some family members will join us for a week of golfing and other activities. After that, we’ll then figure out our next steps to migrate back home by the end of March, all the while hoping that the PA weather remains friendly.

In closing, I once again urge you all to please consider giving the current officers a break by offering to take on the light duty required to keep our chapter solvent. Really…it takes little effort to help lead this chapter. Officers will again be nominated at the April meeting and then voted into their respective roles at the May Campout at Ive’s Run.

Happy Trails,



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