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Green Country Winnies May 2020

Life seems to be starting to get back to normal.  We still have to be cautious but we aren’t totally stuck at home.  We love our home but we are so anxious to do some traveling again. 

Our June outing is June 7 – 14 in Mountain View, Arkansas.  We have six coaches signed up so far – Carver, Adamson, Harris, Wright, Grimes and Zwiegel.  Mountain View is in Stone county, which as of today has had 9 people test positive for covid-19, 8 people have recovered and there are zero deaths.  We will eat all our meals out.  If anyone wants to eat in their coach, that’s fine.  We won’t have any potlucks.  We have the small room where we can gather.  Just to be extra safe we will not provide coffee or any other drinks and we won’t be playing 31 or any other games.  If the weather permits, we’ll sit outside, talk and enjoy the outdoors.  We will maintain social distancing as best we can.  Bring your masks.  We hope to be able to go to the city park in the evenings to listen to the music.  The state park is not having the inside evening shows in June.  We will all decide what we are going to do each day.

Our next outing is September 13 – 20 in Grove.  We are starting to work on it.  The Jana Jae Music Fest is also September 13 – 20.  Today we went to Cedar Oaks to make our reservations.  The owner wasn’t there.  The person we talked with said that many of the musicians stay at Cedar Oaks for the fest.  She left a note for the owner to see if there will be room for us too.  I’m hopeful that she can find room for us.  I should hear back from her in the next couple of days.  The Ark-A-Bagos are going to join us for the outing. 

I guess I shouldn’t assume everybody knows who Jana Jae is.  She is a renown fiddle musician.  She was on Hee Haw for many years.  She has lived in Grove for several years and puts on the fiddle fest normally every June and September.  The one for June was cancelled.  There are fiddle musicians from all over the US who come to this.  It is a competition primarily for kids and young people.  They have shows several nights during the week.  The ticket costs are very reasonable.  Also, the musicians who stay at Cedar Oaks will sit around and play in the evenings. Cedar Oaks has cabins too!  So honorary members please come.  It will be fun.  Of course, there are other things to do here.  I will have a list and we can decide on what we else we want to do beside the Music Fest.

Stay healthy and safe –

Ken & Donna


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