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We had a great turnout for the October Dinner.  It was held at Doc’s Ribs in Tontogany.  We eve had some snowflakes falling in the area.  I think that may have been a sign that winter weather may not be far behind. Thanks again to Deb and Dave Brenner for setting up the dinner. Dave and Deb were kind enough to set up The December Dinner at the same place.  If you are planning on come to the Dinner at Doc’s Please contact Dave Brenner [email protected].  Please do this as soon as possible and let him know if you are  planning on attending.

Sunday, December 12, 2020 - 4:30 PM at DOC’S

18625 Main St, Tontogony, Ohio

Since this is so close to Christmas, we are asking if you would a bring a $10 gift for a girl or boy.  This has been our custom for our December parties.  If you have a certain organization that you would like to see the toys donated to contact me or bring it up at the Dinner.  The one with the most suggestion or votes I will see that the toys are delivered there.


2021 Campout Schedule and Wagon Masters are:

May, 2021 - Chris & Rich Iott TBA

June, 2021 - Shafer’s Open TBA

July, 2021 - GNR in Forest City TBA

August, 2021 - TBA - Pricilla Stockner & Dale & Bernie Overly

Priscilla has made arrangements Turkeyville in Marshall Michigan on August 12, 13, 14, leaving on the 15th, 2021.  This is Thurs, Fri, Sat., leaving on Sunday.  Your choice if you want to go in on Thursday.  More information to follow.

September 2021 - Maumee Bay Fish Fry Dave & Deb Brenner & Rich & Chris Iott

October, 2021 - TBA - Lance & Jeanne Halsey & Cris & LeAnna Hastin


As soon as we have more information as to where we will be going, I will let you know. I have been asked to send this information to you also. Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Stay Safe and Healthy.  See you in December.





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