OH: Buckeye Winnies

The Buckeye Winnies celebrated winter at the Girves Brown Derby in Medina, Ohio. Those joining in the winter celebration festivities were as follows: Dan Anderson, Faith and Stan Caniglia, Sandy and Marlin Geesaman, Ed and Nancy Irving, Jo Ann Larson, Laurie and Walt McClellan, Carol and Al Morrison, Gail Peckham, Nancie and Rick Stephenson, Barb and Jim Stewart, Preston Seely and his brother Robert, and Julie and Len Zevchek. We were delighted to welcome guests Beth and Michael Jennings as well as their grandson Damein. (Soon to be new members!!!) I hope I did not forget anyone!
Sitting in a warm cozy restaurant while being waited on was a perfect way to spend time with Buckeye Winnie friends old and new! The Buckeye Winnies had their own private dining area and the food and service was excellent. Preston Seely had everyone entertained with a picture he brought along of a Buckeye Winnies Branson, Missouri trip in 2004! It was fun seeing members that are still in the club! Thank you Preston. Jim Stewart’s hamburger was also a conversation piece! Sorry, no pictures of Jim eating his hamburger.


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