MO: Chief Winnies

June Campout

Pony Express RV Park

Maysville, MO

Group of people sitting outdoors in chairs with their dogs

Eight coaches made the trip to Maysville for our June campout. David & Carla Heckert arrived Tuesday, Chris & Bill Walworth and Rick & Cheri Cordt came Wednesday. Jim & Mary Ozenberger, Nancy & Kelly Collings and Ann & Charles Lusher made it on Thursday. These early arrivals enjoyed pizza at the club house and homemade ice cream at the Walworths’ coach that Thursday evening. Peggy & Dan Sego and Kay & Dave Bern checked in on Friday, then several made their way to Jamesport for shopping and lunch. Friday evening Chris & Bill, who were hosting the campout, served lasagna, garlic bread, and angel food cake at the clubhouse. There was also salad and watermelon. That evening we had a fire and sat back and enjoyed the company of both our human and canine companions.

Group of people looking at paintings

Vickie & Terry Day arrived by car Saturday morning for breakfast and our club meeting. Honorary Chiefs Bettie & Rick Kennedy also drove to the campout later that day. Then most of the campers left to check out the Shatto Milk facilities in Osborn. Shatto has a great gift shop where you can sample their different flavors of milk. You can also go to the barn and visit the calves. Saturday afternoon, the park had a “Girl’s Day Out”. Carla, Bettie, Ann, Peggy, and Cheri attended, and enjoyed an afternoon of painting, along with a buffet of pulled pork, charcuteries and drinks. They had a terrific time and were really proud of their artwork. Saturday evening, the group went to Dino’s Diner in Cameron. The food was pretty good there, but the service wasn’t always the best. Later that evening DeKalb County was under a tornado warning, but thankfully nothing came of it, and many even slept peacefully through the storm. After a continental breakfast at the Walworth’s Sunday, the group lingered on to chat once again before departing for home


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