MO: Chief Winnies

I hope everyone had a safe, happy Thanksgiving. Chris and I asked our son not to make the trip from Pennsylvania to Missouri for the holiday this year. We missed him and our granddaughter at the table, but thought it was the right thing to do considering the virulence of Covid-19 right now. We can eat turkey together some other day.

The Chief Winnies held their November luncheon at Kehde’s Barbeque in Sedalia, Missouri. Our group was able to dine inside a 1920’s era railroad car. It was a pretty neat experience, plus the barbeque was really good too. If you’re ever in Sedalia, Kehde’s is a worthy stop. Thanks to our hosts, Glenn and Linda Commons, for finding this unique restaurant. We elected and installed officers at our meeting after lunch and, I’m sorry to say, you’re stuck with me as president for another year.

Our Christmas luncheon is December 12th at Salt Grass Steakhouse in Liberty, Missouri. Clay County has recently imposed new restrictions for the virus, but after contacting Salt Grass and the Clay County Health Department, we were assured we could still hold the luncheon. We’ll keep you informed if there are any more changes. Contact Cheri Cordt if you plan on attending. She has reserved a private room and decided on a white elephant gift exchange. If you want to participate, please bring something wrapped and priced around $10.00.

I’m sad to report the death of Bobby Brooks, one of our Chief Winnie honorary members. Bobby was 93 years-old. His son said Bobby loved his Winnies family and they loved him. In fact, Bobby and his wife, Wanda, attended the Winnebago Grand National Rally in Iowa thirty-seven years in a row. Amazing!

Many of us will be heading south for the winter after Christmas. Chris and I, along with several other Chief Winnies, will be in the Rio Grande Valley until April 1st. We’ll be having a luncheon at the Smoking Oak in Mercedes, Texas, on January 27th. Any Winnies staying in the area are invited. Please contact Rick Kennedy if you plan on attending.

Our next newsletter will be the February issue. Hopefully by then we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as this virus is concerned. Our group had a good time this year despite Covid-19. In addition to our monthly campouts, we were able to see the lighthouses in Door County and camp next to Chimney Rock in Nebraska. Now we’re looking forward to 2021. GNR is back on schedule in July with a “Road Trip to Hawaii”, and a possible trip to the Indianola Balloon Fest afterwards. We haven’t decided on a destination for the President’s caravan yet, but wherever it is, the Chief Winnies always have a good time.

So, stay safe, stay warm, and have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Bill Walworth


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