MN: Winnehahas

October 1, 2020

Brrr!!  A bit brisk out there today.  There’s definitely a change of seasons.  Summer has officially ended, and Fall has begun; our granddaughter’s softball season ended last weekend with its tournament; and our Minnesota Clubs’ season of campouts wraps up this weekend with the Southern Honkers at the Marion KOA in Rochester.  Fall migrations have either begun, or will begin soon.  The hummingbirds disappeared a few weeks ago, and the butterflies are about gone.  Geese are practicing their V formations, and other species of birds are getting fewer in the garden.  And of course, the snowbirds!  That migration will begin soon for some.  Others are mulling whether or not to leave Minnesota, with the threat of Covid still in the air (literally).

We had a chance to visit with Bernie and Ted before they head out of town.  Bernie wanted me to mention that she was truly overwhelmed with the outpouring of support with cards and well wishes for a speedy recovery from her fall in August.  All our thoughts and prayers must have worked, because she sure looks like she is as good as new!  Maybe even better!

You should have received a 2021 Campout Schedule.  Somehow, we omitted the State Rally!  Don’t worry, we are still planning on having one next year!  The dates are September 9 -13, 2021, at the McLeod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  The theme will be the Kentucky Derby, and rumor has it that work is already underway gathering horses and jockeys!  Promises to be a good time!!

Speaking of the 2021 Schedule, we will also be looking for Campout hosts.  We have volunteers for May, but are looking for help with June and August.  Let Bernie ([email protected]) or I know if you’re interested.

Happy Birthday to all celebrating this month:   Bob White, Joyce Klomp, Roger Bauer, Pat Piepho, Evie Pollock, Brenda Mely, Erv Bueckner, Ken Piepho, and Ernie Rud.

Until we meet again, safe travels, stay healthy, and stay safe!

Jean Schuldt

Winnehahas President

[email protected]


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