Missouri State Rally

Group gathered outside Coachlight RV Park building.

The Winnie-MO-Tasca State Rally was held at the Coachlight RV Park in Carthage, MO, September 17-19. There were twenty-eight units in attendance. The Ozark Winnies had a good showing this month with eighteen units, plus three new members for a total of twenty-one units. Attending were Anderson, Breen, N Collings, K Collings/Rumbo, Donnelly, Earhart, Heckert, Huff, Johnson, Leeper, Mulvihill, Murphy, Parsons, Reynolds, Sego, Van Meter, Vinci, Wallis. We welcomed three new members, Dave & Linda Ludwig, Richard & Vicki Robinson and Lori Kofron & Deb Taylor. We are so delighted that you have chosen to join our merry little group. There were no organized tours or off park activities, but President David’s right hand person, made sure the welcome bags included tourist literature for those not familiar with the area.

As always some of the early birds arrived on Tuesday, but Wednesday saw a major influx of Winnebagos to the campground. Enough arrived to have a great card game. But, the finale of America’s Got Talent won. Organized activities started Thursday evening with a pot-luck dinner. The usual games of one variety or another started almost before the tables were cleaned. On Friday morning President Joy led a pine cone Christmas tree craft project. Eight individuals applied their unique talents to create eight very different, but very neat trees. The Ozark Winnie held their business meeting Friday afternoon. The meeting highlight was the election of 2022 officers; Susanne Johnson, President, Carlon Huff, Vice-President and Terry Parsons, Secretary/Treasurer. Everyone needs to provide cooperation and assistance to these individuals who have stepped up to keep this organization alive.

Friday evening the Chief Winnies, the host chapter, provided a meal of goulash, slaw, garlic toast and cupcakes. After dinner, President David started a very different activity for the evening entertainment; sharing RV mishaps. Or, what was the dumbest thing you have done while RVing? It was apparent that several could have written the script for the movie, RV. Now who would be dumb enough to drive under a double railroad underpass with the TV antenna up, after the wife asked if it was down? And then stand up and tell about it? Well, there were many, make that a lot, who were, and it was a very entertaining evening.

Saturday morning started with a catered breakfast of ham and egg casserole, with biscuits and jelly. The Winnie-MO-Tasca business meeting was then held. The highlight of this meeting was the election of 2022 officers; Bill Walworth, President, Chip Wallis, Vice-President, Vickie Day, Secretary and Nancy Collings, Treasurer. Thanks to you all for volunteering for these positions. SkyMed provided lunch for approximately twenty attending a seminar on their medical evacuation/assist program. Saturday’s catered dinner featured ham, smoked chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans and chocolate cake and peach cobbler for dessert. And then the, hilarious is the only word that can describe it, highlight of the weekend, a Winnie-MO-Tasca fashion show. Eight men were brave enough to don their skirts, dresses and wigs and strut their stuff on the fashion show runway. A big thank you to Teresa Donnelly for being the organizer and announcer. Each participant had provided a bio of their ‘character’ that Teresa read as they entered the arena. Also a big thank you to John Leeper for creating the musical accompaniment track that featured songs tailored for each ‘character’. And there were some characters.

Sunday morning’s continental breakfast offered several very healthy items, fruit cups, bananas, mandarin oranges and granola bars. Gary Reynolds led a short devotional. Marva, once again, created a masterpiece money hat which, with a $35 donation, profited $129 in raffle income. Our good deed for the weekend was the donation of two large sytrofoam coolers and three backpacks, loaded with school supplies, to the Salvation Army. Thank you to all Ozark Winnies who pitched in to help with the cleanup after meals and the final cleaning of the meeting room.


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