MA: Quinebagos


Quinebagos Local Chapter

by Pat Kane


Once again, we ended the camping season October 13-16, 2022 at Salisbury Beach State Park Reservation, Salisbury, MA. Salisbury Beach is located in the North Eastern most point of Massachusetts and borders New Hampshire. It is also the home to the Merrimac River where it meets the ocean. Folks started arriving the Saturday before the campout so as to squeeze in as many camping days as possible. The camping season comes to end in October for those of us who weather out the winter in the Northeast!

Though few in numbers, only six rigs, the group was in high spirits. This is a fun weekend at the park. Campers decorate their campsites for Halloween and there is trick or treating! We decorated our campers. Congrats to Kevin & Cheryl Russell who won first prize!

A Vintage Camper Club campout also adds to the weekend fun by having an open house and yard sale. It is truly amazing to see the restored campers in their glory after having been rescued from a field or a falling down barn! It is such labor of love and perseverance.

In keeping with our nickname "the eat-a-bagos" we took advantage of the great variety of food in the area. Folks went out to dinner three times over the week. Being on the ocean, seafood is a must. We enjoyed eating our fill of it. Steak is another favorite so off to a restaurant to enjoy some tasty beef. Finally, we rolled into our final dining experience and enjoyed a mix of different foods!

The entire weekend is a Halloween celebration so there was lots of candy, cupcakes, chips, and snacks.

Folks enjoyed walking and biking around the reservation, watching the ocean crashing against the breakwater, the seals frolicking in the river away from the sharks, the dogs playing catch on the beach, and collecting sea shells on the beach. Of course, the campfire burned day and night for most of the weekend.

Several of us went on rides in the area to check out some foliage and the towns in the area.

It was a sad good-bye because we won't see each other till next Spring. The good news is several campouts are already scheduled. Please check the newsletter for more information regarding them.

Wishing safe travels to those "on the road" and a safe winter to all...see you in April!


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