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November Luncheon

This year’s November luncheon (and also the December luncheon since we combined them into one) was held on Saturday, November 14 at Don Hall’s Tavern at Coventry in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bob and Ruth were our hosts and although not a sunny day for a drive like last year at least it wasn’t raining or snowing … until the drive home! We had exactly half the number attending this year as we did last year. Seven of us were there including Scott Feichter, Ron & Tammy Kline, Fred & Carol Thomas, and Bob & Ruth Stoeckley.

We were put into the Christmas spirit when Bob & Ruth and Ron & Tammy arrived with presents for all of us. Bob & Ruth gave us a very nice wax warmer and I can already smell the house filling up with the scent of Christmas Cherry. Ron & Tammy brought a bag with Christmas themed hand soap dispensers, a dish towel, and dark and white chocolate covered pretzel rods. The only reason mine made it home was for the photo op. Like the label says “irresistible” and after the photo op they were eaten.

After a nice meal conversation revolved partly around camping next year. It’s so hard to predict what 2021 will bring but we are going to be optimistic and think it will be back to “normal” enough to hold more outings than we did this year. So far we have Klines hosting the April outing on the fourth weekend which is April 22-25. They have tentatively picked the KOA in Anderson for the place but that’s not a definite. Lori has said she will probably host the May outing and it might be at Indiana Beach. June is a state outing and usually hosted by the Indybagos so we will wait to see what they might plan. July is GNR in Iowa the week of July 26th and the theme is “A Road Trip to Hawaii”.

August is the state rally and is hosted by the officers of the Who’s Yur Winnies. Time and place to be determined but we talked about checking out the campground at Hidden Paradise near St. Paul. Ruth volunteered to host the September outing with time and place to be determined. October is a state outing hosted by the Indiana Meanderers. We discussed Ceraland near Columbus, Indiana and also the campground down on the river in Madison. As the end of year and first of the year progress and more information becomes available I’ll provide updates on the schedule. In the meantime if there are any suggestions for places you would like to have an outing at that wasn’t in our discussion today please feel free to let us know.

So it was a fun and enjoyable and productive afternoon. We sure missed all of you who were unable to attend. I talked with Gene and Kathy and he was complaining about the 90 degree heat but assured me it was going to chill down into the 70’s soon. Can you hear me blowing him a raspberry! I also talked with Glen and Janet and they were leaving this week for Texas. Safe travels to them and anyone else heading south for the winter! Hopefully we’ll all have a nice winter with little snow here in Indiana and those of you who plan to be in the south have lots of sunshine and no more hurricanes!


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