IL: Cardinal Capers

November Luncheon

Sunrise II Restaurant in Byron was a perfect location to gather for lunch and a meeting in November.  The food was great, the service was good, and the company was awesome.  Those attending were the Frosts, Gastels, Watnes, Ester, Dean and Ann.  The Hicks and Korzuns were a little late to the party as they made a trip to the bank in Rockford before the meal to transfer signature rights to our new treasurer – Tina.  Thanks for taking on that responsibility!

Along with other procedural actions, a big decision was made to make monetary donations to two not-for-profit organizations using some of our excess club funds.  Carly’s Home and Rockford Rescue Mission were selected.

Barb Watne received a nice phone call from Ted Tamita, a staff member at the Mission.  They were very happy to receive the monetary donation.  He said they have a closet full of toys to share but that they would now be able to help with clothes, food, medicine and other basic needs of some of their clients.  He was very grateful to our club for thinking of them again this year.  The conversation took a funny twist when he said he thought ‘Capers” was a typo and should have really been ‘Campers’.  Ted asked Barb how our club got named Cardinal Capers and she had to admit she had no idea since it was named 50+ years ago!


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