IL: Cardinal Capers


Geneseo Campground was the destination for our last 2020 camping adventure.  Those present were Frosts, Gastels, Hicks, Hellers, Korzuns, Esther, and Watnes. We were glad to have new members Ed and Gloria Geske join us again. They are great additions to our group! Thanks to the Frosts and Hellers for being great Wagonmasters. The Almond Joy cookies really hit the spot! Thanks, Kathi! We spent Thursday evening by the campfire with Hot Dogs & More for dinner. The campground hosts, Bob and Sheila, were great! Both are very talented musicians and treated us to several songs – some we even joined in on! We learned a lot about the different types of instruments they played and about their musical backgrounds.  Their private musical concert was awesome and being allowed to use the buildings for our meeting and breakfast helped so much. When we met together on Friday afternoon, we played a hilarious Saran Wrap ball game.  Many of us got candy bars and Esther managed to win candy bars AND several gift cards. The White Elephant game was so fun last month that we played it again. We drew numbers and one by one we choose the magic gift that we could enjoy or devour.  Friday night we went out to dinner at The Cellar Steak House in Geneseo. Great conversation, delicious food and great service! We were all too full for dessert but we still enjoyed sitting by the fire after returning to the campground.  On Friday and Saturday some went shopping at the boutiques in the area while others spent time relaxing and visiting. Saturday morning we had a breakfast of pancakes, sausage and juice. Our monthly meeting followed with our new officers being sworn in. Thanks for your service! The Frost’s headed to Cordova to watch their sons Ed and Scott finalize their points for 1St & 2nd place for Year 2020. Great competitors!  Saturday afternoon we played a rowdy game of baseball toss.  The ladies kept their winning streak alive and were treated to ice cream treats from the campground ice cream cooler by the men! It was rumored that certain folks in the group made a trip to the Quad cities to pick up half gallons of the infamous Whitey’s ice cream.  Saturday night’s potluck was delicious and enjoyed by everyone. A campfire was the perfect ending that evening. Sunday morning dawned beautiful and after our finger food breakfast we packed up and headed for home.  There was a traffic jam at the dump station! LOL. The weather proved to be great with sunshine and 80 degree temperatures!


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