IL: Cardinal Capers


Timberlake Resort in Mt. Carroll, IL was the setting for our first outing of the year! Carol and Watnes were wagonmasters for the outing and those in attendance were Carol, Gastels, Hellers, Hickses, Korzuns, Ann, and Watnes along with seven happy camping dogs.  Ted was able to get us a special rate which was greatly appreciated.  The owner, Ron, loaned us three golf carts to use while we were there, which enabled us to tour the huge campground.  There are quite a number of permanent campers there and their sites are really nice.  Sunday night we had our dogs ‘n more but we didn’t share any food because of the virus.  We all enjoyed s’mores after supper had our first fire of the year.  Hellers and their dogs left to go home to get Lily’s medicine she definitely needed but they were back in time for breakfast Monday morning when wagonmasters served us breakfast of eggs, sausages (which Toby served), pancakes and fruit cups. 

We had hand sanitizers, gloves, and Lysol for safety reasons.  After breakfast we had our first meeting since October.  Following the meeting we had a drawing for one of the beautiful gravity chairs so generously donated by our awesome sponsors, WMH!  Carol won the chair but since she has just sold her home and is going to be living in her unit she said she didn’t have room and wanted someone else to win in that could use it.  Hickses won the ‘second chance drawing’.  Some gals checked out Mt. Carroll and found not much for us to do because most things were closed due to the virus.  The day was spent enjoyed the sun and watching some of the dogs interact.  For supper we went to Brothers’ Café in Lanark and had a great time with former member Mary Morgan.  She’s almost 92 and still her witty self.  Watnes were surprised by a flamingo anniversary cake and decorations and shared pieces of cake as they had done 57 years ago by feeding each other a bite of cake.  What a terrific surprise for them!  The fire pit was a great way to end the day, with Ann furnishing some color to the fire that lasted for almost an hour!  Tuesday morning was spent doing not much.  Ted and Cindy Gross joined us for a time.  It was Ted’s first outing since his hip replacement surgery on the 13th.  Watching their new puppy Charlee get acquainted with Peppy Gastel was a hoot!  They were both very excited and kept circling with the result of the leashes becoming twisted like a braid!  They did it twice before being separated.  

The owner of the campground, Ron, gave us a history of the campground and area.  The campground has changed a great deal since CC camped here in 2009!  A rousing game of Balderdash was played and we all enjoyed leaning about new and very strange words and their meanings!  A potluck supper was enjoyed using the safety precautions.   The owner came to tell us that a tree had fallen but he was pretty sure it had missed Ann’s motorhome by inches.  He climbed the ladder to check it out and Ann double checked it to make sure everything was fine!  Close call!  Because of the rain we couldn’t have our fire. Wednesday morning we had our finger food breakfast and reluctantly headed home!  It was great to be camping with our CC friends and sharing laughs and making memories!


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