GA: Winnie Rebels

Riveredge RV Park
Pidgeon Forge, TN
September 27 – 30, 2022

Members with truck

Late September brought eight of us together in four rigs to the Riveredge RV Park in Pidgeon Forge, TN and we enjoyed what this area had to offer in perfect weather.  Pictured above (left to right) are Roy & Joanne Thurston, Kathy & Fred Genrich, John & Leslie Keener, and Dennis & Jean Harrison. This picture was taken at the Bush’s Bean Museum & Visitor’s Center in Chestnut Hill, TN.
Tuesday night we headed out to Huck Finn’s Catfish restaurant for dinner. We did have to wait a little, but once inside, we loved the decor, the spaciousness of our table, and the nicely priced menu for what we ordered. The food and service were very good! 
Group out for dinner      
Breakfast on Wednesday was at Smoky’s Pancake Cabin – which was an easy walk– it was right in front of our campground. 
After breakfast, we got ready for the day’s 20.3 miles road trip to Chestnut Hill. 
We jumped into 2 cars and drove to see the beautiful Bush Bean Museum and Visitor’s Center. Once we arrived, it took us a while to get inside the Museum – so many fun spots to get our pictures taken outside. Once we finally got inside, they rolled that beautiful bean footage for us throughout the museum and had a really good history of the family business, story about each bean they sell, and lots of fun hands on and interactive activities – there were lots of photo ops with Duke as well! Do you know that in 2010, they went to the SPAM Museum and got inspired to bean up their visitor center?  Our group has been to that same museum too - in the summer of 2021! Before we left, a very tasty lunch was had at their café that included a free sample of the bean of the day. One of us ordered and fell in love with their ‘chocolate - pinto bean - pecan pie’! Even got the recipe for it. (look-out November campers!)
Members at Bush Bean Museum                  
Members with Bush Bean can     
This was a fun outing – I hope all of y’all get to Chestnut Hill one day for a visit.
          Back at our campsite we relaxed a little, got the fire going, then fired up John’s grill for a hamburger dinner accompanied by coleslaw, potato salad, fruit, ‘Bush Grillin Beans’ and finished up with pound cake, strawberries and whipped cream. We ate very well! 
Group relaxing and fire pit
After a delicious Thursday morning breakfast that Fred and Kathy cooked: eggs, sausage, cinnamon crumb cake and juice, we split up for our outings. Kathy, Jean, and Leslie were accompanied by John and went to the “Island” shopping center. We walked around, shopped a little and sat a bit watching the dancing water spouts and kids on the adventure up in the sky. We bought a lot of chocolate, a puzzle, then more chocolate! Dennis, Roy and Fred were accompanied by Joanne and drove into and around Gatlinburg looking for a ‘1/8 inch quick disconnect fitting’ for Dennis’s braking system. This was not found – but all enjoyed the ride seeing Gatlinburg.
Our group of four had fun. We did not see the other group’s evidence of fun – but they must have had some. The other four met us at the Island for a little while, then all headed back to camp for Fred’s smoked pulled pork dinner that was accompanied by macaroni & cheese, cornbread casserole, leftovers from the night before and Fred’s birthday cake. Creamsicle and root beer float drinks were enjoyed too! The evening was finished off with the fireside stories – until it got too cold & we all scurried into the warmth of our rigs.   
Sunday morning, we said our “farewells and see you in Novembers”. On our drive home, we reminisced on the beautiful weather, the outings, and fellowship.  
In case anyone was wondering…John provided the “Plan B” for Dennis’s towbar – a spare Roadmaster hose that included that ‘1/8 inch quick disconnect fitting’. It’s good to have an extra anything. You never know when it will come in handy for you or for one of your friends.
The Genrich’s & Keeners enjoyed hosting this late September outing. They want to give a shout out to Bradley’s BBQ in Sweetwater, TN. The hosts camped out behind this restaurant on their way to Pidgeon Forge–using their Harvest Host memberships. They were welcomed with a friendly smile and goody bag that contained freshly baked cookies & information on the area and even enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner. This is a great stop if you’re passing through or just looking for a really good place to eat.
Bradley's BBQ in TN
The Bells and Eubanks are hosting our next planned outing November 10 – 13 in Hiawassee, GA at Riverbend Campground. If we have 10 of our rigs there – we get a free Fish Fry dinner on Thursday night! Join us – the weather will be perfect for camping with friends in your RV. 
Members at lookout
I hope we see y’all in November - Safe Travels!
Leslie Keener,
Secretary, Georgia Winnie Rebels


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