FL: South Florida Winnie Gators

September 2022 Outing Report for South Florida Winnie Gators

The Club held their first outing of the fall season at Upriver RV Resort in Ft. Myers, FL, September 8th-11th with 21 coaches registered. We were still feeling the summer heat with temperatures in the upper 80°s so held our gatherings in the lovely remodeled Upriver Clubhouse. Some folks arrived as early as Wednesday and enjoyed time together catching up on each other’s summer news. By Thursday most all coaches had arrived and everyone gathered in the clubhouse for a very special Happy Hour. Two ladies of the Club were celebrating their 80th birthdays and chose to sponsor a Champagne Toast for all. There were lots of laughs and comments about the advantages of becoming octagenerians. Our usual BYOB Happy Hour followed with a table full of snacks brought in by members.

Although it was a fairly stormy weekend, we dodged the rain long enough to have our Shuffleboard competition on Friday morning. We had eight teams vying for the coveted bottles of wine. It was a fierce battle to the end, but two guys had the winning score, and two were close runners up. Friday Happy Hour was also our Gift Raffle night. The dynamic ticket dudes rounded up lots of money from ticket sales and there were 24 great prizes for the lucky ticket winners. After Happy Hour we had a great Club-sponsored dinner of Italian sausage hoagies, potatoes, slaw and chips. Members filled in with desserts. After dinner all enjoyed a fun evening of Bunco and three members went home with prize money.

Our Saturday Club chefs prepared a breakfast of sausage links and French toast for all, with plenty of butter and syrup, coffee and tea. After breakfast we had our Board of Directors Meeting followed by a General Membership Meeting where future campouts were discussed. A Sunshine Report was given to let us know of club members who are facing health issues. Saturday Happy hour and 50/50 Raffle were fun with our ticket babes dressed in their red, white, and blues waving American Flags. We were expressing our patriotism on this 9/11 Memorial Weekend for the country we love. Lots of money was collected, with half going to the club treasury and half being divided between three lucky winners. After dinner many members played the “I Got It” game and a few members went home with a small cash prize.

It was another enjoyable SFWG campout weekend!


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