FL: DuBol Winnies

Du-Bol Winnies at Wild Frontier RV Park in Ocala, September 2021

by Gloria Caffrey, Secretary

Group of people gathered together.

This was a "no host" campout, but the Caffreys would not let that happen, so they prepared a schedule of food and activities.  Seven coaches arrived by Wednesday and our newest members, Phil & Cindy Runfeldt arrived Thursday in their new Adventurer.  So delighted to welcome new members and this couple fit right in. September in Florida did not waiver as to HOT & HUMID weather. Only the bravest sat outside and visited. Jack Caffrey decided to clean his new RV tires. Camping is so much fun!!

On Thursday, we all met in the air conditioned clubhouse for Happy Hour and meet and greet. A hungry group went to Fiore's for the usual excellent Italian dinner with to-die-for garlic knots. Cal Sweep ordered "Weight Watchers" lasagna, which was the size of a brick and he ate the whole thing!! The rest of us took home leftovers. After dinner, we taught Cindy Runfeldt how to play Funky Rummy. She learns fast!!

On Friday some members spent money at the Market of Marion, or did chores. Everyone departed at 4 PM for some good fried food at Sam's St Johns Seafood. The restaurant staff was ready for us and the service was excellent. No campout is complete without a noisy game of Nickels. So after the dogs were walked, we met inside and played a few rounds of "I need that" and tossed the dice until someone got snake eyes and won. 

On Saturday, we held our business meeting and prepared for dinner. Glo planned to bake lasgana in the rec hall kitchen, only to find out that the kitchen was being remodeled and there were no appliances!! Thank goodness, our RVs have microwaves. There were plenty to go around and the Costco lasagna was baked and served hot. Other members contributed salads, garlic knots, dessert. Cindy H had a birthday cake for Jim Richardson's 90th birthday, but Jim had to cancel. So we sang Happy Birthday to Jim over the phone and then enjoyed eating his cake. During dinner there was a horrific thunderstorm and enough rain to flood all the campground streets. Nice to be inside!! After dinner we played a few rounds of Card Bingo, with Milano cookies as prizes. The Runfeldt's invited their friends Bob & Cynthia to Happy Hour and they also stayed for dinner. Another potential new member!

So, for a no-host campout we kept pretty busy, ate well, made some new friends, and perfected our card game skills. Hosting a campout is not that hard...just takes a little organization and communication. Looking forward to some cooler weather and seeing everyone in October at Compass RV Park.





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