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President's Message for September 2020

It was great to get out again after a few months off this spring, and it’ll be great to see folks at Pala Casino & RV Resort, hosted by Al & Angie Knecht, too! Hoping all have stayed well and hopefully your families and friends unaffected by the Covid virus. For those following the state club events, the October state CalWIT Rally in Bakersfield has been cancelled. The state club is still looking for state CalWIT board nominations through the end of September. Nominations can be sent to the President, Art Schipper, at [email protected] Also, those who have paid
their CalWIT dues for 2020 will have their memberships extended through 2021. Our club is lucky to have a full slate of outings for the balance of the year, so we hope you can make most or all of the outings and enjoy our camaraderie with social distancing and fun…

Making sure you can make those long trips with a minimum of disruptions is key – make sure you give your rig a good checkup and shakedown before making any long trip – check that your fluids are topped off, and changed at appropriate intervals. You’ll need good brakes, so ensure your brakes are professionally checked at least annually. And make sure you run things in your rig occasionally to make sure all the “options” work, appropriately. With everything being jam-packed into today’s rigs (OK, and for some of our members, yesterday’s rigs, too!), they are complex
machines requiring notably more technically qualified maintenance than in the past, don’t ignore this! We’re blessed to have a rig that can still support a no-notice crosscountry trip…even at 13 years old! We’ve made two unscheduled runs to Wisconsin, unfortunately the last one due to my dad passing.

I hope this newsletter finds you, your family & friends well and ready to travel this year! Tell someone how much they mean in your life! We look forward to seeing everyone soon ~ in the meantime, happy trails!

Thanks ~ Dan


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