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Well, guess what?  San Diego Rolling Homes found a new park to enjoy in San Diego County!

There’s a new KOA just east of San Diego in the Cleveland National Forrest. Since an existing park is now a KOA, the management is doing everything possible to entice new partners in the camping world. There are scads and scads of level sites with almost all having both 30 amp and 50 amp service, tent sites, cabins, wonderful clubhouse, labyrinth and Koi Pond. You won’t find a park with service like this one!

Bruce and Jolaine Browne went to the extreme effort setting up a terrific weekend that we will all remember. We had nearly all club members show up – maybe because everyone knew they would provided a terrific variety of food and fun. Breakfast was fantastic as well as a humongous dinner on Saturday evening.

We selected our 2020 officers who will be installed at our December outing. We are looking forward to returning in November 2020 and see what they have done to make it even better.

President’s Message for December

Thanks to Bruce and Jolaine for a great outing at the “new” Boulevard KOA ! It was a quiet outing, although the Chandlers and us did a dirt road stint along the border wall, seeing new & old sections. Several folks found the local candy store, several traversed the campground labyrinth to find the solace it holds if you had the patience to stay in the lines. We hope everyone who attend-ed it enjoyed it as much as we did! This next outing, we’ll be having our Holiday Special at Pala, hosted by the Club Board. Bound to be fun!

As mentioned previously, each member should be thinking of a month, as well as a location, for an event that they would like to host for next year. The main duties are to secure reservations for paid members, decide on the meals, and perhaps plan an activity. There are plenty of experienced club members to help.

It’s getting to be that time of year, when we spend a lot of time shopping for special gifts, food for holiday dinners for plans on going to or having family & friends over. Unfortunately, another part of society does their shopping only after we’ve done ours…and have left clues about how to take our shopping items with minimal risk to their being caught. For that, please make sure to take packages into your homes and not leave valuables in your car, unlocked. Lock your home doors and windows unless they’re in your sight. Here’s hoping we all have a safe holiday season with minimum disruptions!!

It’s also (always) that time to start planning those more extensive trips – when we can better take advantage of the travel range of our RVs? How far can we go….maybe to the Grand National Rally next year?!? Where else?

I hope this newsletter finds you, your family & friends well and ready to travel. Tell someone how much they mean in your life! We look forward to seeing everyone soon ~ in the meantime, happy trails!

Thanks, Dan


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