CA: Chardonnay Travelers

June 16-19, 2020

Feather Falls Casino KOA, Oroville

Chardonnay Travelers, CA

Collage of photos showing group gathering for a meal and outside building.

Whew!  We are back…it has been a LONG time!  The past 5 months have been unbelievably surreal.  Happily, we can report that all of our Chardonnay Travelers are well and are ready to slowly begin to get back on the road again.  The months of March, April, & May presented cancelations at many RV Parks and CalWIT State Meetings due State & Federal mandates.  Though these mandates are lessening, RV Parks are still having to figure out ways to open their facilities and still meet the regulations setup by the State & County Health agencies.  It really is tough! 

On June 16-19, the Chardonnay Travelers decided that it was time to cautiously begin to “get out” and explore the world….actually, it was Oroville, CA.  12 brave Travelers attended the outing at the Feather Falls Casino KOA in Oroville.  The Park’s staff was friendly and very helpful.  The clubhouse was really nicely presented and we had lots of room to “socially distance ourselves” with room to spare!  Nice park…worth going back again.  Our Hosts, Bob & Mary Jehle, decided to keep things BASIC and VERY SIMPLE.  We all prepared a lot of our own meals in our rigs, bringing it over to the clubhouse “un-potluck” style.  One night we ordered-in by calling the Feather Falls Pub & Grill and then Bob & Fred went over and picked it up and brought it back to the clubhouse for us to eat.  One night our hosts ordered a buffet style meal from one of Mary’s favorite local Chinese restaurants, Tong Fong Low, and brought it back to the clubhouse to enjoy. 

On Wednesday, June 17, we went to the Thermalito Forebay North Picnic Area in Oroville for a bring-your-own picnic lunch/meeting.  We had a brief Club Meeting to discuss upcoming outings and issues.  Then, we were asked to vacate the area due to high winds and a fire just south of our location with several firefighting vehicles quickly arriving from all directions.  Interesting!  On Thursday, June 18, we carpooled to visit and view the rebuilt spillway of the nation's tallest dam, the Lake Oroville Dam.  Very interesting!  After that, we all went our own ways to get lunch and explore the area.

On Friday, June 19, we brought our own breakfasts to the clubhouse for a “Farewell Breakfast” and then… Off we went, on our way home.  What a nice, no frills week.  It was really nice to visit with friends and catch-up with everyone’s experiences.  Thank you Bob & Mary for planning this event…it went nicely!

A new year of friendship and RV camping is ahead of us!  Please check our revised “2020 Calendar of Events” at the Chardonnay Travelers website,  If you would like to join us anytime this year please contact Scott Kenyon, at [email protected]  We would love to have you join us!  Happy Travels…

Respectfully submitted, Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers