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“Murder at the Pizzeria!”

Chardonnay Travelers
Heritage RV Park
Corning, CA
September 15 - 18, 2022

The crime scene

Last weekend we had a “Murder at the Pizzeria” nearby! Oh, My!  

        Thursday (the 15th) was arrival day and everything seemed normal at the local Pizzeria, but Friday (the 16th) was a different story! Something terrible had happened in the kitchen of the pizzeria that afternoon and the chef was found DEAD on the floor! What a terrible thing to happen!

Members playing games

The afternoon before the murder provided our guests with games and conversation. We played Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, and Ladder Golf.  As we were unaware of what was to happen that evening…we all enjoyed the camaraderie and being outside in the comfortable weather.  
        That evening though, first at the Fellowship/Mystery Introduction, the Detective (Sergeant Mary) greeted us as we arrived and explained what had occurred earlier in the day in the kitchen…A  MURDER! OMG! Then, during Act 1 - Mystery/Dinner (which obviously was Pizza) we all got a chance to introduce ourselves and our persona(s). Act 2 - Mystery/Dessert involved questions from the Detective and answers from the various characters. Finally, Act 3 - Mystery/After Dessert allowed everyone to share who they thought was the “Murderer and Why.” Then the “truth was out” and the mystery was solved! Many of us felt that Lolita Cannelloni (Margo) was the culprit! Actually, it turned out to be the restaurant owner, Bella Morte (Penny)! What an entertaining evening!
Saturday (the 17th) started off with our club meeting at 10am. Later in the afternoon, some of our members continued to play outdoor games (Bocce Ball & Ladder Golf). Some of our ladies made a trip to explore local fabric stores in the area. Some just enjoyed the pleasant weather. That evening, dinner was a potluck meal with the Wagon Masters (Bob & Mary Jehle and Art & Sandy Schipper) providing an appetizer and the meat course, while members provided the side dishes. Very nice meal! Later, to finish off the day, the movie night feature was, “Clue.” What a crazy movie!
Sunday (the 18th) morning started with the usual Get-Away Breakfast, then “good-byes” & packing up the rigs for the drive home. With possible rain in the forecast everyone wanted to get on the road soon. Rain…would you believe it? For some of our members, the return home ended up being quite eventful! (Sorry, Gene & Judy!)

If you should happen to be curious about any of our future outings please contact our President, Fred Bryner, at [email protected]. Also, feel free to check out our “Calendar of Events” for 2022 or 2023 at our website at Hope to see you soon!

President of the Chardonnay Travelers

Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers



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