As part of our new "Meet the Maddons" campaign, Joe and Jaye Maddon--with the help of Winnebago--created a fun, sitcom-style series of videos that show off aspects of their RV lifestyle while also highlighting all that the Grand Tour has to offer!

The videos were filmed on location at the historic Essanay Studios sound stage in Chicago and each star -- including the Grand Tour -- was given the Hollywood treatment. The veteran film crew dressed the stage with trees, a campfire, lawn chairs and a sky to set the outdoor scene ala a classic '90s sitcom, and the rEvolution creative team topped it off with campy music and a pre-recorded audience laugh track to really bring the Meet the Maddons "TV show" to life.

Joe and Jaye flexed their acting muscles in and out of their 2017 Grand Tour, telling four different stories while highlighting the living space, kitchen, outdoor cooking station and the cockpit. The humorous and tongue-in-cheek clips feature the comfortability and fun of RVing, while also capturing Joe, and Jaye's, unique personality and Maddon-isms.

You can enjoy the videos right here on and on the official Winnebago YouTube channel. Be sure to check out all the other Meet the Maddons content here, and order your official Korked Baseball Meet the Maddons tee!



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