solis pocket parked in the woods with a pota poti sitting outside

Introducing the RV Porta-Potti – A Great Space-Saving Solution
See why this alternative, available in the Winnebago Solis Pocket, is so functional.
By: Nick Riebe

solis pocket parked in the woods with a pota poti sitting outside

Having a dedicated space for a traditional RV bathroom in a small vehicle such as Winnebago’s Solis Pocket, is something designers must struggle with. Enter the Porta-Potti. A simple to use, space-saving solution that requires very little maintenance. 

Porta-Potti Functionality Review

The version of Porta-Potti that comes with the Solis Pocket is the Thetford 345, which is the perfect mid-size portable toilet. It holds four gallons of fresh water in the upper tank, 3.2 gallons of wastewater in the lower tank, and you get an average of about 33 flushes. 

porta potti in storage

It has a modern appearance, an ergonomic carry handle, is very durable, and has a removable seat and cover for easy cleaning. 

As far as functionality goes, it has an exclusive rotating pour-out spout with a cap on the lower tank, piston pump flush on the upper tank, a sealed valve in-between that keeps odors in the holding tank, and an easy-to-read level indicator so you know when it’s time to empty the tank.

porta potti parts

For the past five months, I have been using the provided Porta-Potti in the Solis Pocket, and have had no issues with its function, or finding a place to empty it. 

I even left it outside overnight once, and it was covered in frost the next morning! However, it still functioned as it should. And you know you are a hearty individual when you are able to use a frozen Porta-Potti! 

frosty porta potti

Benefits of the Porta-Potti in the Solis Pocket

I find the additional living and storage space gained by not having a traditional bathroom is well worth it. Think of it this way: How much time do you actually spend in the bathroom? In my opinion, the answer is: not enough to have a dedicated space for a traditional RV bathroom. 

I recently asked that question in the Solis Pocket Base Camp group on Facebook, and the survey found that most small van owners agree. Personally, I really like the fact that I no longer need to find an RV dump station in order to empty the black tank. With a Porta-Potti, you can empty it in numerous locations. 

person emptying a porta potti

However, personal preference will better dictate if the Porta-Potti is something you can live with. Keep in mind that smaller RVs (vans in particular) get cramped really quickly when traditional bathrooms are installed. 

So, think outside the box (bathroom) a little, and ask yourself this question… Wouldn’t you rather have more living and storage space? I’m certain most of you will say yes.


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