Winnebago Trend with cooking equipment setup outside

6 Ways to Make Your Winnebago Attract More RV Renters

6 Ways to Make Your Winnebago Attract More RV Renters
How to get more bookings and rave reviews when renting out your RV.
By: Nadia & Jon Bajuelo

Winnebago Trend with cooking equipment setup outside

As summer approaches, demand for RV rentals will soon be heating up. If you’re an RV owner, this is one of the best times of the year to have your rig bring in a little cash for you. Once you’ve decided on an RV rental platform, it’s time to create your listing. Your listing can make or break your money-making efforts. With many RVs available to rent, taking a little extra time planning your listing will make your Winnebago stand out above the rest. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of six ways to show renters your RV is the one to take them on their next adventure. 

1. Take Quality Pictures

The last time you saw an RV brochure showcasing their latest RV model in a parking lot was never. They’re often shown in action on the open road or at a campsite. If you can, try to use the same idea when putting together pictures for your listing. Avoid the driveway, and take pictures at one of your favorite campsites or somewhere scenic. 

Also, keep in mind some photo basics like lighting. Try taking your pictures an hour or two before sunset when lighting is soft, rather than during high noon’s harsh light. Be sure you don’t use any dark or blurry pictures. Dark pics will make your rig look drab and uninviting. Most smartphones have excellent cameras and photo editing apps that will help you overcome any shortcomings you may have as a photographer. 

2. Include Welcome Items

Put on your hospitality hat for a moment and think about welcoming your guest into your RV. Jon and I love little details at hotels like mints on the pillow or complimentary coffee and water. The same idea works in terms of your RV rental. Find a basket or tray, and set up some goodies like coffee, water, or snacks for your RV guest. 

Coffee sitting on Trend counter for staged photo

Don’t forget to mention this detail in your listing and include a picture. For the picture, you’ll want to photograph the welcome item on the kitchen counter or dinette table. From a practical standpoint, you can have the item there if you’re delivering the RV to their campsite. But, if they’ll be driving off, it’s better to have the item on the counter when you give them a walkthrough of your RV, but then put it away for them in a drawer or cabinet. 

3. Staging & Decor

You can convey that your rig is a cozy one through some subtle decor and staging. If you need ideas, look at interior pics of the latest Winnebago models or check Pinterest. Throw pillows and blankets are among the easiest ways to add a little warmth and character to your RV pictures. 

Unique hooks near the door for hanging keys, leashes, or bags are another simple way to add character. Rolled hand towels in the bathroom are yet another option. 

Beds in Winnebago Trend staged for photo

4. Stock Must-Have Items

It’s a good idea to include basic kitchen, bathroom, and camping items. Coffee mugs, wine glasses, flatware, plates, bottle openers, corkscrews, cookware, towels, and lights are all good items to include in the RV. A well-equipped kitchen ensures your renter will be able to prepare some coffee or tea in the morning and cook dinner in the evening. 

Including a roll of paper towels is a great idea, as are cleaning supplies. When we rented a Winnebago View for a trip with Jon’s parents, we were happy to find the owner had stowed away a vacuum cleaner in the RV. It made it very convenient for us to make sure the RV was returned in the same condition we received it. 

As far as your listing, mention things like cleaning supplies, but be sure to work something like coffee mugs into your staging. 

5. Gear Add-Ons 

Camping and adventure gear make attractive add-ons. As a bonus, they can boost your income if you include them as an amenity that can be added for a little extra. Stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, coolers, camping chairs, and bicycles are perfect to include in your RV listing. Other gear ideas include tablecloths, a campfire guitar, board games, string lights, and outdoor cooking supplies. But it’s really up to you.  

If you don’t own any of these items or you’d prefer not to rent yours out, you could outfit your RV with a rack enabling your guest to bring their own gear along. 

Winnebago Trend with roof rack parked on gravel near water

Some renters might be new to camping or seldom have the chance. This is an opportunity to spark their interest, their own ideas, and share what you love to do when you’re outdoors.

6. Make Things Easy 

To be successful over time, you’ll want your listing to have good reviews from past renters. Making things easy for them is a sure way to get some glowing reviews. Simplify planning and RV travel by including area maps and guides for your renters. Sharing resources with popular hikes in the region you rent out of is one way to do this. You can also include tips on dumping the black tank, leveling, or anything else newbies might find challenging at first. 

Including easy-to-forget items like a roll of doggie bags, a dog bowl, packets of insect repellent, trash bags, or a headlamp can also delight renters and garner some rave reviews. 

Overall, attention to detail combined with unique, thoughtful touches will let renters know you’re the one to trust with their special adventure. 


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