GoLife Communities Take Advantage of Fall for End-of-Season Meetups
See the event highlights - from Halloween-themed activities to outdoor outings.

By: GoLife Staff

The fall can be a great time of year to gather with your favorite RVer friends, and our Winnebago GoLife Community groups know how to take advantage of the beautiful weather, reduced crowds, and opportunities to gather! Here are some of the highlights of meetups that took place recently …

Fuse Owners Gather for Mini Rally in Florida

The Florida Fall Fuse Mini Rally was held at Oak Alley RV Resort in Webster, Florida, the last weekend in October, with 12 rigs in attendance.  

The group hosted two potluck dinners, enjoyed the pool and hot tub, laughed at those trying to put up a canopy, discussed maintenance, issues, experiences, did a couple fixes, and toured each other rigs to share ideas. Most of all, they enjoyed the fellowship of old and new RV friends and their common thread: the Winnebago Fuse!

Learn more about the Fuse owner community in their Facebook group.

CalWIT Hosts Gathering in Wine Country

Winnebago owners from across California gathered for the CalWIT Fall Rally at the Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles, California, in October. The event included games like bean bag baseball, lots of great food, a social hour for first-timers, a wine tasting, and taking in the partial eclipse. 

Winnebago’s Community Engagement Manager, Lindsey Quick, presented about the new GoLife Community and GoLife Perks program, and brought a few giveaways from Winnebago for a raffle prize drawing.

Check out the 2024 Owner-Organized Events Calendar to find out when and where the CalWIT group will be meeting next! Learn more about the CalWit Group on their website.

Cardinal Capers Final Outing of 2023

The Cardinal Capers, a WIT group based in Illinois, held their last outing of the year at Rustic Barn Campground in Kieler, Wisconsin, October 12-15. 

The group toured Sinsinawa Rosary Chapel and heard the story of the 35 stained glass windows designed by Sister Terisita Kelly telling the story through rhythm of glass, color, and light. The itinerary also included a trip to the nearby farmers market and a drive through Dubuque to see historical churches and buildings. The event was full of games, prizes, awards for best decorations, and lots of great food. 

To learn more about joining the Illinois-based Cardinal Capers group, contact Barbara Watne at [email protected].

Minnesota Sundowners Host End of Season Campout

In September, the Sundowners, a WIT group in Minnesota, had a great time in Alexandria, Minnesota, for the final campout of the year. The group had 19 campers – many of which were first-timers – who enjoyed beautiful weather, lots of food, a Legacy of Lakes Museum tour, and pontoon rides. The group enjoyed their time together with games, seeing the sites, visiting their favorite shops, and sharing stories.

To learn more about joining the Minnesota-based Sundowners group, contact Darryl Bonin at [email protected].

Solis Owners Host Spooky Spectacular at Their Fall Meetup

Nearly 40 Winnebago Solis vans showed up to Hearst San Simeon State Park near Cambria, California, for their annual fall meetup. Kids dressed up in costumes and owners decorated their vans with fun decorations and passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

Winnebago’s Community Engagement Manager, Lindsey Quick, brought a pizza dinner and some Winnebago gear that the group shared as raffle prizes.

Learn more about the Solis owner community in their Facebook group.


Never Go Alone with the GoLife Community

If you’re interested in joining a group of fellow Winnebago owners or would like to attend some owner-organized meetups, visit the GoLife Community page on the Winnebago website to find a list of GoLife Community Groups and the 2024 calendar of owner-organized meetups.

If you have an event planned and would like Winnebago to promote it on the meetup calendar and send gear or employees, complete the online request form.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]


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