Peerless power, spacious style

Many RVers consider Class A motorhomes the ultimate RVs. Larger models can serve as full-fledged homes, with features like guest baths, washer/dryers, and loads of storage. Smaller Class A models are more maneuverable and provide more flexibility when planning vacation campground sites or for those “spur-of-the moment” weekend trips when you want to go wherever the fun is.

Winnebago Class A models range from 28'-5" to 41'-4" long, sleep up to 8, and are available with gas or diesel engines.

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Efficient and nimble RVing

Camper vans, also known as Class B motorhomes, are nimble, fuel-efficient, and offer a more car-like driving experience than larger motorhomes. As the leading producer of camper vans, Winnebago, offers diesel- and gas-powered models, with 4-wheel drive available for navigating more rugged driving conditions.

Our camper vans come fully equipped with galleys, bathrooms and comfortable sitting and sleeping accommodations, while pop-top beds, exterior awnings and other features provide added room for enjoying life in camp.

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Just right for any adventure

Class C motorhomes split the difference between larger Class A coaches and smaller camper vans. They offer a familiar automotive-style driving experience, and range from sleek road-going coaches to rugged all-wheel-drive models to larger models that can handle a crowd.

Typically built on a truck or van chassis, Class C motorhomes are recognizable by their distinctive cabover space, usually utilized for sleeping or storage.

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Unlock a world of possibilities

Winnebago has been building motorhomes to accommodate wheelchair users for many decades, and now offers a standard Accessibility Enhanced Class A motorhome, the Inspire, and the Roam camper van.

Each is specially outfitted to provide an exceptionally comfortable, private and convenient way to travel, whether across town or across the country.

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Choices for every adventure

Travel trailers, the most popular type of RVs, come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. This makes it easy to find just the model that suits your needs and desires. If you need the freedom to tow with a smaller SUV, the HIKE 100 is right for you! If you need more space to entertain for extended periods of time, check out the Voyage! Winnebago travel trailers range in length from 15’11” to 38’11”, and all come standard with a wealth of features you won’t find anywhere else.

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