PA: Capitol Area Winnies

Greetings fellow CAW members

I suppose we are all in the same boat in that with few exceptions we're likely repeating the same activities this month as we did last month. I know a few of you have been venturing out to enjoy some local camping. I was hoping to do the same recently until I ran in to a battery issue and had to postpone for a week or two while waiting for replacements. As of last week we would have been on our way for our trip to the Black Hills with WIT/Fantasy Tours. Looks like that will have to wait until next summer. However, we are hoping to begin taking in a few shorter mid-week trips to local and regional campgrounds. I hope you all can get out and
experience the same.

By now you all know that our dear friends Burton and Sally Lee have decided to sell their motorhome after many, many years extensive and exciting RV travel and camping. The Burtons have been very active over the years in our chapter by serving as chapter secretary/photographer, as well as hosting many CAW outings to include opening their home to host our Christmas Party. I’m sure I speak for all of us when wishing them the very best with their next adventures! And, once they sell, we look forward to having them join us as honorary members whenever possible.

Meanwhile, maintain a safe lifestyle while the “bug” is still on the loose, and I hope you can find opportunity to get out with your RV to enjoy the fresh air whenever possible.

Happy Trails,