PA: Capitol Area Winnies

Dear fellow Winnies,

By now we’ve all been seriously experiencing the stay-at-home mandates as well as so many other lifestyle changes. At this stage it appears that our stay-at-home efforts have been working in terms of
reducing the number of COVID cases in our state. I don’t know about you but one of the benefits of staying at home for us has been the completion of so many tasks that have been on the wish list for a
long, long time. That said, like so many of us we’re anxious to be able to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle once again. Unfortunately, it appears that we all may be in for a long haul until we reach a true normal once again.

I just received an email today informing us that the 2020 Winnebago Grand National Rally has been canceled. I’m not really surprised given the GNR event has so many folks (at-risk seniors) engaged in close quarters for many days. So, our May campout at Ive’s Run is canceled, the PA State WIT Rally in June is canceled, and the July GNR is canceled. I suppose our August CAW campout may also be in
jeopardy of cancelation. More to come regarding that event.

Last month I outlined how our chapter would go about nominating, voting and installing chapter officers for 2020. I requested that nominations would be emailed to me by April 15th with voting
occuring at the May Campout. If the May Campout is canceled then, voting would then occur via email to me by May 15th. Finally, if no PA Rally is held to swear in chapter officers, then the elected officers would simply assume their respective roles. It is likely no surprise to anyone that I did not receive even a single nomination. So, the current officers have agreed to assume their roles for yet another year. Therefore, I thank the current officers and our Newsletter Editors for once again stepping to keep your chapter solvent.

I miss our time together especially at my favorite place…Ive’s Run. So much of our world is changing and will continue to change for quite some time. So let’s all keep the faith that our world will recover and we’ll all be stronger and perhaps we’ll all be more appreciative of our many blessings. Travel and camping will once again be in our future so hang in there my friends until we meet again!

Happy Trails,


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