PA: Capitol Area Winnies

Dear fellow Winnies,

By now I’m sure all of us at-risk “seniors” are in similar modes of social distancing and/or simply hunkering down at home. And, I’m certainly hoping that none of you or your loved ones have experienced the COVID-19 virus. Clearly, this is a terrible situation both locally and globally. While it is important that we all stay current with the latest pandemic news, for me personally the constant reporting of this horrible virus news becomes overwhelming and even stressful at times. So, what works best for me is to take a few doses of the critical news updates each day and then I direct my focus towards every day life issues the rest of the time. It works for me. Your mileage may vary.

So, how does this pandemic affect our chapter activities? For starters you’ve all been notified by Duane that the April 4th Meet & Greet Luncheon has been canceled for obvious reasons. Additonally, the May campout at Ive’s Run is also very much at risk of being canceled based upon the potential duration of the pandemic. As it stands now the website alerts that they are not taking NEW reservations at Ive’s Run until further notice. My guess is that the Federal COE Campgrounds could actually close if the pandemic continues to threaten public health. After discussion, the PA State Rally has been canceled at this time.

Other than that… The good news is that Springtime is really, really close and we didn’t spend a lot of money or muscle aches on snow removal. Stay well and wash your hands! Oh, and don’t forget to submit your pictures, stories and other tidbits for YOUR newsletter.

Happy Trails,


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