OK: Green Country Winnies

We had an enjoyable reunion lunch on August 17th. We had 11 people there: Mary Alice Burks, Mike & Susie Grimes, Reatha Hill, Chuck & Jean Wilson, Arno Pautsch, Jan Wyman (Crain) and Ken & Donna Zwiegel.  While we were visiting, we decided to call some of our missing friends. We called Vicki Holt, then Gene & Delores Parnell (but they didn’t answer), then Pete & Shirlene Cozzitorto and then Alice Combs.

 Group standing with a flag outside a restaurant.

We had a wonderful time passing the phone around the room so each person could talk to each person on the phone. We had walking tacos for lunch then cookies & brownies for dessert. It was so wonderful to catch up with everybody on what was happening in their lives.  We wish more could have come to enjoy it with us.


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