OK: Green Country Winnies

Green Country Winnies June 2020

As we all know life isn’t going to be back to “normal” for some time yet. Also, when it is back to “normal”, it will be a “new normal”. But we all have survived and thrived after unexpected changes before and we will again in the future. That’s called life.

We had a great time at our outing June 7 – 14 in Mountain View, Arkansas. We had 13 people attend: Bob & Debbie Adamson, Darrell Carver, Mike & Susie Grimes, CW & Denise Harris, Patrick & Janet Wright (with their two granddaughters) and Ken & Donna Zwiegel.

We had a variety of weather. It was hot and humid at first until tropical storm Cristobal traveled through. We had solid rain for almost 24 hours. After the rain stopped the temperatures and humidity were lower and very pleasant. We spent lots of time sitting under the trees enjoying just talking and watching the kids ride their bikes around the quiet rv park. Since we hadn’t seen each other for a while we had lots to catch up on. In the evenings we went to the city park, sat in our lawn chairs and listened to the local musicians play and sing. Very enjoyable. We ate at the restaurants while social distancing from the other tables. Naturally we hit the ice cream store a few times.

We won’t have an outing in July. Union Pacific has just opened their visitor center and tours again. I am working on an outing there in August. Right now, it looks like we would arrive in North Platte on August 18th and leave August 21st to return home. That is tentative right now. As soon as I get it finalized Donna will send out information on it. September 13 – 20 will be our joint outing with Ark-A-Bagos. It will be in Grove. Our primary focus will be attending the Jana Jae Music Fest which is also September 13 – 20. We have 10 spots reserved for us at Cedar Oaks RV Resort. Email, text or call Donna or me to make your reservation. (If you plan on arriving before the 13th, you need to contact Cedar Oaks. Their telephone number is 918-786-4303. Then let us know your plans). We must have all reservations by August 29th. We will release any unreserved sites the morning of August 30th so Cedar Oaks can have them available for other people. Because a lot of the musicians who attend the music fest stay at Cedar Oaks, we don’t expect that we will all be parked together. We will have the small room up next to the office. It will be plenty big enough for us. Cedar Oaks has cabins too! So honorary members you have a place to stay too. It will be fun. At this time, we have two reservations: Carvers (50amp) and Zwiegels (30amp).

As we mentioned in the newsletter last month our annual membership dues are normally paid in May. Since we have not had any expenses for some time now and we have sufficient funds in the treasury, we are not going to collect dues for this year.

Stay healthy and safe –
Ken & Donna