OH: Maumee Valley Winnies


Well another great campout has come and gone.   The September gathering is the Annual Fish Fry as well as the Club’s Birthday.  It was held at the Maumee Bay State Park and the Wagon Masters were Deb and Dave Brenner and Chris Iott. The did a splendid job with getting everything together.  September, also is the Club’s Birthday.  They had a terrific birthday cake made for the group. 

Birthday cake with a frog on it.

We abided by the rules of the park and kept the six ft. distance.  For the dinner the tables were set so that the distances were set and only 4 people to a table.  Everyone brought their own dishes to go along with the fish.  If someone felt uncomfortable, they could take the fish back to their own camper and eat there. 

We all arrived by Friday night and had a great time by the fire reminiscing and talking about what we did this summer.

Saturday morning, we held our meeting. Because we had the middle of the turnaround to use, we were able to set up Canopy and were seated in a large circle keeping our distance.  Since there have been no meetings held this year our 50/50 fund had only $270 in it plus the collection taken up at the dinner, we chose to send the monies to 3 Charitable Organizations this year.  The 3 chosen were St. Jude’s, Mercy Hospital Children’s Unit, and Shriner’s Hospital.  LeAnna, our treasurer, will send the checks.

Also, at the meeting our 2021 Officers were sworn in.  Our Officer’s for 2021 are,

Cindy Becher, President

Dave Brenner, Vice President

Ray Radabaugh Secretary

LeAnna Hastin, Treasurer

Pricilla Stockner, Sunshine Committee

I must tell you this. There were no meetings held this year so no Secretary Reports were sent out.  Also, the campout schedule changed and we just were able to resume some group gatherings but no meetings or potluck dinners or even restaurant dinners were held.  Hopefully this coming year will be different and we can resume as we normally did.  The get togethers we had I sent out the information on and everyone was basically on the own.  If you wanted to join the group it was up to you as to how much you wanted to participate in.

Our next campout will be Sunday October 4th till Wednesday October 7th at Evergreen Park Resort in Dundee, Ohio. If you are going and have reservations send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will send you a list of attractions and restaurants in the vicinity. This campground is in Amish Country. 

Well that is all for now, see you around the campfire.

Bernie Overly


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