OH: Buckeye Winnies

The Buckeye Winnies had perfect Fall weather for the last campout of the 2020 season at Timbercrest RV Campground. Those who were able to attend are as follows: Dan Anderson, Faith and Stan Caniglia, Nancy and Ed Irving, Karen Kinser, Charlotte and Walt Kowalczak, Jo Larson, Gail Peckham, Dick Radosevic, Barb and Jim Stewart (joined the group Saturday for dinner), Julie and Len Zevchek and our Wagon Masters/Hosts Laurie and Walt McClellan and, Charlene and Aaron Zatik.

Fall foliage with motorhomes in the background.

On Friday, the weather was gorgeous. The club was able to have “Happy Hour” outside. After that, a group of campers went to Der Dutchman for dinner. They seated the group way in the back of a room, far away from anyone else, so everyone felt safe. All servers wore masks. Several campers stayed behind at Timbercrest, and some of them had a “Chili cook-off.” After dinner, and back at the campsite, the group enjoyed “sweet treats” by a nice hot campfire which Walt and Laurie started. Laurie made a delicious carrot cake, and Charlene made two Apple/Cranberry Crisps. Both the cake and crisps were served with vanilla or butter pecan ice cream.

On Saturday morning, the group was Covid-compliant with serving breakfast. Everything was sanitized, including the chairs, and the Wagon Masters/Hosts wore masks. Hand sanitizer was provided at the beginning of the first serving table and everyone used it before touching any serving utensils. All campers wore masks while they served themselves. Breakfast included scrambled eggs, link sausage, sausage patties, homemade banana/nut bread, Amish cinnamon bread, Amish raisin bread, Amish honey wheat and blueberry bagels, along with Amish sweet cream butter, black raspberry jam and peach jam. Beverages included fresh apple cider, orange juice AND champagne for those who wished to sip a “Mimosa.” Saturday afternoon, many explored the area, including shops, food market and a flea market. Another “Happy Hour” was enjoyed at the campsite early that evening. Around 5:30 p.m., Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen delivered the “Thanksgiving Feast.” As usual, it was fabulous! Everyone left with a full tummy, and many took leftovers with them. Then, back to the campsite for a nice hot fire and camaraderie.

Sunday morning, campers met for a “Continental” breakfast back up in the party room. Fresh donuts from Kaufman’s were enjoyed as well as all the breads left over, sausages (kept hot in the chafer), juice, champagne, etc., etc.
After breakfast, several people winterized their RV’s at their campsites! Some experienced campers shared their knowledge — another benefit of being a Buckeye Winnie! Then, at noon, campers enjoyed the Buckeye Winnies’ traditional weenie roast, and everyone packed up and got going after that.


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