ND: Nodak Flickertails

We ended the two day campout this morning. Those attending were Denis and Betty Lebrun, Willie and Gerry Blumhardt, Mark Collins and John and Cathy Hilley. Vern and Doris Jewett had planned to attend but Doris had a sore back. Harlan and Pat Rustad came for several hours on Thursday afternoon.

For the most part we had beautiful weather. Thursday at about 5:00 PM the wind picked up and it started raining. We all went to the Corner Bar in Climax, MN about 3 miles across the river for dinner. We were in the bar while it rained. Cathy and I had the only car so we made two trips to get everyone to the bar. Everyone enjoyed their dinner. It was busy in the bar. We had 1/2" of rain measured in Buxton. Mark and Willie started a campfire. We enjoyed the campfire until veryone went to bed at 9:30 PM.

Everyone had their own breakfast in their motorhome. Mark, Cathy and I sat outside and had donuts and coffee. Willie came out at 10:00 AM. He cleaned up the dog food the previous campers had left on the ground. Willie and Gerry were the first to leave followed shortly by Mark. Denis and Betty and Cathy and I stayed another couple of hours. We let Sally, Denis and Betty's dog, and Joy our dog play. They had a good time chasing each other in circles. Joy enjoyed chasing squirrels. There were lots of them, grey and red. Wllie called at 12:30 Noon and said they had made it safely to Fargo. Lebruns pulled out and I followed them on Traill County 21 to I-29 where they headed home via Grand Forks. Cathy and I got home at about 1:00 PM.

You can look at some pictures on my BLOG at Travel.Hilley.net

John Hilley