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The Gateway Winnies Chapter 
Winnebago International Travelers Club
May 2022 Newsletter

Minutes of Meeting Held April 23, 2022 – Cape Camping & RV Park, Cape Girardeau, MO

  • The meeting was held following the Winnie-MO-Tasca State meeting.
  • Our Chapter meeting was called to order at 9:50 a.m. by President Don Hardebeck.
    • The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  • Minutes from March 2022: Paul Jensen moved that the minutes be approved as e-mailed. Georgann Hardebeck seconded. Motion approved.
  • Old Business:
    • Earl Orr’s Photo Albums – Paul Jensen reported that he is continuing to work on scanning the photos.
    • May Campout – Branson.
    • June Campout – Springfield, Illinois. Paul Jensen agreed to host.
  • There being no further business, on motion by Paul Jensen and second by Georgann Hardebeck, the meeting was adjourned.

- Janet Foss, Club Secretary

Campout Highlights:

Members began arriving on Wednesday. A severe storm moved in that night, leaving puddles throughout the campground. Fortunately, everyone was safe.

Thursday the Chief Winnies provided a chili dinner with everyone bringing a side dish.
A 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle was started on Friday in the Clubhouse. (Incidentally, the puzzle did not get finished and was left in the clubhouse for the next campers to tackle.)
Donuts were provided on Friday morning.

Sub sandwiches were supplied for lunch on Friday during a SkyMed presentation.
Bingo kept a group smiling and laughing during the afternoon.
Marshell Foss called the numbers, and Don Hardebeck and Paul Jensen helped with the games.

While Bingo was going on, Carolyn Philpot, Georgann Hardebeck and Janet Foss assembled the table decorations. Thanks to Carolyn for this idea!

Friday night the Gateway Winnies put on a tasty sloppy joe supper with coleslaw, chips, pickles, mini cupcakes and cookies.
Saturday breakfast was catered by Sedona Bistro. The general meeting followed with State President Bill Walworth presiding. Our club was commended for picking up 18 new members/9 coaches over the past year!
On Saturday afternoon some of the RVers visited local sights while others spent time outside in the warm sun visiting and relaxing. Gateway Winnies Becky & Leo Casey stopped by for a visit.
Saturday evening we enjoyed a delicious lasagna and salad dinner catered by Sedona Bistro. Dessert was a decorated cake celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Winnie-Mo-Tasca Club.

Carolyn Philpot did an excellent job presenting a program on “Aging Successfully.” She encouraged all of us to practice balance exercises, watch our weight, and remain active.
Saturday night a small group enjoyed watching “Secondhand Lions,” while others worked on the puzzle. Popcorn and peanuts were available for snacking.
Sunday morning saw those from the west side of the state eager to decamp and hit the road. Others extended their travels to added destinations. Continental breakfast was available as everyone said their good-byes.
Kudos to the Gateway Winnies for all their hard work in hosting the state meeting! And a big thank-you to the Chief Winnies and everyone in attendance for their help in making the event a big success.

Future Winnie-Mo-Tasca meetings:
September 9-11, 2022 Fall Rally Cottonwoods RV Park, Columbia, MO
Spring 2023 Spring Meeting Lazy Day Campground, Danville, MO

May Birthdays
Ken Klouzek - 5/9
Jerry Pogue - 5/21

May Anniversaries
Bill & Beth Crosby - 5/10/2002 (20 Years)
Angelo & Kasi Anderson - 5/17/13 (9 Years)
Celestine & Charles Wilson - 5/23/2012
(10 Years)

June Birthdays
Lorraine McDougall - 6/4
Charles Harper - 6/8
Rob Meister - 6/12
Paul Jensen - 6/19
Beth Crosby - 6/25
Don Wolff - 6/29

June Anniversaries
Bev and Jerry Pogue - 6/3/1967 (55 Years)
Bernard and Nadine Groharing - 6/5/1960
(62 Years)
Janet and Marshell Foss - 6/25/1976
(46 Years)
Linda and Mike Finnerty - 6/28/1969
(53 Years)

Final words: Your club President and Secretary will complete three years in office at the end of this year and will be stepping down. Elections will be held in November. Please consider taking one of these positions! Thanks.

The time has come . . . two more members have decided it’s time to give up the RV lifestyle. Both the Soulons and Zanders have their RV’s for sale. Many thanks to these two couples for all they have done for the club over the years!


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