MO: Gateway Winnies

Thursday was a beautiful day to visit Lincoln’s Tomb. Here is the first resting place of our 16th President.

Lincoln's Tomb

It was also a good day for relaxing and catching up with one another. Thursday evening’s dinner was at Monical’s Pizza. Kathy and Janet walked the mile-long trail at the campground on Friday morning. They saw several mulberry trees. After a big meal at Chatham Café on Friday evening, we enjoyed time at the campground.

Group of people gathered outside an RV

Saturday morning we returned to Chatham Café for breakfast and our meeting. The food and service are always top notch! Saturday afternoon we visited the Lincoln Home. Our Park Service guide gave us a wonderful tour. This was Lincoln’s favorite writing desk. Mary Lincoln tried to get rid of it several times, but it always made it back into the home. I’m sure a few wives out there can relate! Reenactors added to the experience. Marshell couldn’t resist discussing politics with Abe.

RVs parked at a campground.

Saturday evening’s dinner was at another fine area dining establishment – the Chesapeake Restaurant. The food here is delicious, but the seafood dishes are excellent!

Group of people dining together at a restaurant

Afterwards, we enjoyed an ice cream social at the campground pavilion. With so many choices, many of us went back for seconds and thirds! It was the perfect ending to a hot day! Sunday morning most everyone packed up early to beat the oncoming rain. It was another great weekend!



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